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The contract items reset

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I am now completing the Jool 6 voyage and have completed two of the contract items (the flyby Jool and flyby Laythe). I have set up the manuver node to Dres and started timewarping. But suddenly, the two of the completed contract items turned from 'done' to 'undone'. And they don't turn back. Please help me...


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What's the full list of contract terms?  Which ones show completed, which have never been completed, and which ones switched back?

Contracts have sections -- you have to complete a whole section for it to stay.  For instance, if you accept a "test" contract that says "Test a Flea booster between 5000 and 10,000 m, between 200 m/s and 300 m/s velocity," when you fly the mission the dot for altitude will go green as soon as your vessel passes 5000 m, even if you're going way too fast -- and even if it takes you to 15,000 m to get slowed down, the velocity dot will go green when you do, but the altitude dot will go black again when you pass 10,000.  If you can manage to get into the velocity range while in the altitude range, you still have to either activate with staging, or "run test" on the part to mark the remaining dot in the section (the "have Flea" will stay green as long as you don't stage that part away).  Only after you've gotten the last dot in a section green will the section dot go green, marking that contract term completed.  Once the term is completed, it'll stay completed.

What probably happened on your Jool 6 is that you had to do something more than just flyby Jool and Laythe -- there was more to it than just entering the appropriate SOI -- and if you didn't complete all the conditions of a term ("section") the conditions will unmark once you're no longer meeting them.

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Thank you for your reply. You are right about the contract sections. I have re-read the contract. This is what it says: 

   •Make sure your craft is made especially for ...

   •Flyby Jool

   •Flyby Laythe 

   •Flyby Dres


No any special altitude, trajectory or inclination.

The 'Make sure' section always stays green, the flyby Jool and flyby Laythe sections turn black after approximately 1.5 years (the time I am flying to Dres) and this is quite strange, because I am way too far away from Jool all the time, but for some reason it just decides to turn black randomly. I have reloaded quite a few times, and this happens sometimes earlier, sometimes later. 

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Hey there,

This has happened to me as well, and even though those items don’t show as complete, they actually are (at least in version 1.3.1 that is what happened). 

As such if you just complete the run, you should be good, as everything will turn to complete once the final objective is met. 

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I'm with @MechBFP on this one -- in 1.2.2, 1.3, and apparently 1.3.1 (maybe other versions, but these are the ones I have experience with), completed contract clauses will vanish from the "achievements" display if you close the game and then come back, though if you open the actual contract section they'll still show there, just with only the section headers marked (but individual section conditions will be collapsed).

I can confirm that, assuming your mods are okay, a save game from 1.3.0 will still work with 1.4.1, so if you aren't using mods that have been broken by the upgrade, installing 1.4.1 might solve this for you; in this version, the achievement notifications (contract term completed, etc.) stay in the notification box until you delete them.

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