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I've been having issues with the SM-18 service module and can't seem to find anyone else having the same bug.  Here is what is happening.  I am attaching the part under a command capsule and when you right click it, you are given the option to remove the shroud.  I remove the shroud so I can fill the inside with batteries, science experiments, etc.  Here's where things get weird.  I launch my rocket, and get in to orbit of Kerbin.  I remove the fairing that is protecting the upper stage that has the SM-18 service module, and the shroud is still gone from the service module from when I built it.  No problem, I'm in space, who cares right?  The issue is, there are no options to interact with any of the science experiments inside of the service module.  I can't restore any experiments or take results, etc.  The odd thing is, I can still trigger experiments using hotkeys that I bound prelaunch, but again can't reset experiments without a hotkey.  Anyone else experiencing this?

To be clear, I also have a couple of mods installed.  Basic ones for TWR and delta V.  I don't have any non-stock parts on the rocket, anywhere.  Seriously confused, I can't be the only one having this problem.

Edit:  More tom-foolery!  I returned to the KSC, leaving the bugged craft in space and reloaded it.  Now the shroud on the service module is closed!  Even stranger, there is nowhere in my staging to pop the shroud.  I can't right click the part either to manually deploy it.  The rocket is meant to go to Duna and pretty much broke the bank.  I'm screwed funds wise if I have to abort.



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Exact same issue with the SM-18. Built a Soyuz-like craft, sent it to Mun orbit. Had batteries, solar panels, and science experiments in the bay. Hid the panels, then did my science experiments. EVA'd a kerbal to see if I could just collect them with the doors on, and see if the doors were hidden with the kerbal on EVA. They were not, and could not be collected. Brought kerbal back in, blew doors off (they may have still been hidden, not sure). Saw them fly away though. EVA'd the kerbal to collect the experiments for return, and none of it was able to be interacted with. Switched back to the vessel.. now I can't click on anything in the bay, and none of it works. Solar panels aren't generating EC. It's as if none of it has any functionality or right click menu.


Reloading the craft with the doors blown off also has them reappearing, though they're not -actually- there and all the same issues are still in effect. Completely unusable part, which entirely scrubbed my Mun mission.

Edit: It is possible to access the interior of this part without blowing the doors. On the vessel POV you can hide the doors, then pin their menus to the screen. When on EVA those menus are still available provided you fly close to the part. So.. the bay is usable, provided you don't blow the doors off.

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12 hours ago, Enorats said:

So.. the bay is usable, provided you don't blow the doors off.


Which I one of the reason all the SM’s could use a button to disable staging in the VAB/SPH.

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10 hours ago, klesh said:

Have you posted it to the bug tracker?  The devs arent really looking in here for bugs.

And yet they fail to link to the bug tracker in this, or any MH forum.

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11 minutes ago, klesh said:

I knew what it was, but I find it funny that they will post for people to report bugs---bu they literally open 3 official MH forums, and not one pinned message about the preferred way to report bugs. The Claw post (not the top post in the thread) specifically also tells people to report on the forums first, as well.


Besides, the bugtracker will no longer accept the login and passwd I signed up with when I used to use it.

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Just got bit by this bug - but I did find a workaround!

After blowing the doors off I could no longer access my science instruments inside the service bay, as others have reported.

It is still possible to interact with the contents of the bay if you maneuver the camera view to be inside the bay.  This works well when the camera focus is on the ship, but it is a major pain when trying to get a spacewalking scientist close enough and steady enough to take the science with them.  If you can place a handhold next to the service bay and grab on to it then it will be much easier.

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