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Drive to Survive: A Racing Series

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Note:This is basically like novel except it's more a tv and also it only shows the sport. the sport i'm using is Formula Endurance Cup from KP So yeah.

 Drive to Survive

a Racing Series


Season 1 (2091)


Owlian Grand Prix

Hermish Grand Prix

Pecina Grand Prix

Kalban Grand Prix

Owlian Grand Prix

Teams and Driver:
Rasolt Formula Motorsport:
Car 1: - Henri Ninel-Kerman (Belanirislav) - Élie Ebner-Kerman (Owlian)
Car 2: - Kevin Stephenson-Kerman (NKS) - Norman A. Walter-Kerman (Hermish)

Flankland Motorsport Team
Car 1: - John Doe (Wovian) - Maxine Stevens (NKS)
Car 2: - Aria Kerman (NKS) - Newgun Kerman (Grestin)

IMVK Motorsport
Car 1: - Arstoy Nezyeshi-Kerman (Belanirislav) - David Mancharter-Kerman (Hermish)
Car 2: - Bell Kerman (Owlian) - Melfrid Kerman (Grestin)

Cemir Racing
Car 1: - Luddan Kerman (Grestin) - Nedrick Kerman (Grestin)
Car 2: - Elias Wood Kerman (Owlian) - Joseph Henshire-Kerman (Hermish)

Krotz Formula Motorsport Team
Car 1: - Elizabeth Kornell-Kerman (Hermish) - Albertson Edminston Kerman (Owlian)
Car 2: - Fayila Azbyonas-Kerman (Belanirislav) - Yuri Barsukov-Kerman (Belanirislav)


1. Season Start



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So uh i accidentally deleted the Chapter one.

it's 3 hours worth of writing so yeah...

I guess chapter one will be delayed Sorry folks

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Chapter One
A Season Start
Part 1: Practice session

Date: Friday, 15 of March 2091
Location: Owlia Grand National Raceway
Time: 0200

 A Engine roars in the pitlane as Thousand upon thousand watch in the grand stand and millions in the TV. This season of Formula Endurance Cup will be the most exciting season of the Series. 1 Crew Mechanics from Garage Unit 1A is seen heading out to to the Pitlane, after he goes out he do a hand signal followed by Car 1 heading out to the track. It's Rasolt Formula Motorsport Car 1, driven by Elie Ebner-Kerman. As She goes out 2 car goes out into the Pitlane as well. It's Car 2 from Flankland Motorsport driven by Maxine Stevens, and Car 1 from Cemir Racing driven by Elias Wood-Kerman. the Three then waits and the end of pitlane, waiting for light in the pitlane exit to become Green as the Car Engne roars become louder and louder.

The light then turn green, as it turns green Elie wheel spin her car before finally get out of the pitlane followed by Maxine, and Elias. They 3 then take the 1st Corner, which is a fast tight left turn, The three of them take their out lap, as they taking their outlap, Maxine then create a 5 Second gap between his car and Elie's Car. Elias then followed too by making a 6 second gap between her car and Maxine car. This way those three will have a clear air to do their Lap.
As the three take 4th turn of the circuit. Another car heads out to the tracks, It's car 1 from Krotz Formula Motorsport, driven by Elizabeth Kornell-Kerman.

As Elizabeth take her 5th Corner, Elie, Maxine, and Elias Started their Lap. The Engine Roars is so loud, it was heard from 4 kilos away. " Here we are a lap around The Owlian Grand National Race way, with Elie Ebner-Kerman. Into the main straight, switch our position from the Left side of the track to the Right side of the track, Speed recorded at 210km/h, Down Shift from 6th Gear into 5 Gear, release the throttle for a short while, Then Take the fast Left Turn, Exit as wide as possible, Gears up to from 5th to 6th then release the throttle and hit the brake, Downshift again from 6th back to 4th gear as we make our way to the 2nd Turn, a Low speed tight Right turn. perfect for overtaking move here. Exits the corner while keeping ourself into the Right side of the track then Downshift into 3rd gear. Turn the Steering wheel as deep as you possibly get to The Left as we make our way into the 3rd Corner, a Medium to Slow Left Hairpin. Exits the Corner wide to get a good exit speed, then Into the Straight again, perfect for overtaking move here as we Upshift back into 6th gear, with our speed reaching at max around 220km/h before Braking hard into a up hill turn 4th, A Slow Tight right turn, then exit the car with entry as possible, try Your best to not spin here as you may lost a lots of time. then into a down hill Fast long left hander at turn 5, There we go past the car that are in the outlap. Average Gs is at 3, making it a though corner. Then we switch back into a fast Right hander at turn 6, After we exits the corner, release the throttle without downshifting and braking, Take the 7th and 8th Turn. Fast Right hander Corner, where you can do an overtaking move. After that continue to throttle as you make way to turn 9th and 10th, a Medium speed chicane turning to left then Right before braking and downshifting into 2nd gear, making way for turn 11th, a slow corner before making ourway into the straight, Where you can make an overtaking move. The track width at here is around 17 Meter, making for a best 4 wide car.We then brake hard again downshift from 5th gear into first gear as we make our last turn in the circuit. Turn 12, a slow Right Hairpin that are best for over taking. after we take the corner,  We are in the main straight, and that's ladies and gentlemen, a lap around Owlia Grand National Raceway." The three of them then set their lap with Elie being the fastest, as she got herself a clear air.

The tracks then became busy as all the team car is now on the track, 7 Minutes later with 5th minutes being left. All the car is back into the garage, setting up their car for one last stint. The first one the head out to track is Car 1 from Flankland Motorsport driven by John Doe, then followed by Rasolt Formula, then by IMVK, then Krotz, then all of the team release their car 1, with car two staying back on pit. Krotz Formula Motorsport Car 1 Driven by Albertson Edminston-Kerman, IMVK Car 1 driven by David Mancharter-Kerman, car 1 from Cemir and Rasolt Formula Motorsport driven by Luddan Kerman, and Henri Ninel-Kerman..

SECTOR 1: Start/Finish Straight Into, Turn 4
SECTOR 2: Turn 5th into Turn 8th
SECTOR 3: Turn 9th into Start/Finish Straight

As all the Driver try to set their lap time for the final time in FP3, All the Driver in the track are pushing Furiously. John Doe, The oldest driver on the Grid so far has a fast Sector 1, but then he exit turn 6th Poorly, costing him time. He had a bad 2nd Sector He then push his car to the limit again at Sector 3 before finally Finishing his lap at 1:14:655.
The Second Driver to Started their lap are Henri Ninel-Kerman, So far he got good exit at turn 3 and 4th, a Fast first Sector there by The young Belanirislavian Driver. He then Exit turn Turn 7 and 8 Wide and fast before making his way into the chicane turn 9th and 10th, He got bad entry but he manage to fix that with a good exit there. His Sector 1 and 2 are very good but the Sector might be abit of a problem here, He then takes the final Corner and exit it marvelously as he finish his lap at 1:14:102 before headng back to the Garage again.
The 3rd Driver to Start their lap is David Mancharter-Kerman, His first Sector time is great, David then take his car into Turn 7th and 8 fast and tight as possible giving him a good Exit and Sector 2 time. He then Takes the car into the turn 9th and 10 chicane, after that he takes his car into turn 11. After that He speed up to makes his way on to the final turn at turn 12, he got a good entry and a good Exit, giving him a good Sector three. He finish his lap at 1:13:481 before heading back to garage.
 and here we starte- SOMEONE HAS CRASH!! It's Luddan Kerman from Cemir Racing! He had a good Sector 1 so far before taking turn 7th and 8th. He then exits the corner widely making him touching the grass, causing him to spun out. After that he hits the wall. With 2 Minutes remaining, and there is a Yellow flag and Debris in the track. Albertson Edminston-Kerman was lucky to be out of the Yellow Flag zone as he storm his way into the exit of turn 12. His sector 1 and 2 Is Decent enough, but his sector 3 is lacking quite a bit. He then Finish his lap at 1:13:749.

With the Yellow flag and Debris on the Track and he was the last car of the track. FP3 Was Stopped with just 1 minute left. Here we are at the fastest lap.
Car 1 From Rasolt Formula Motorsport with lap time of 1:13:481, Followed by Car 2 from Flankland Motorsport Team with a lap time of 1:13:583. The 3rd Fastest lap of the Practice session is Car 1 from Krotz Motorsport at a laptime of 1:13:749 which was followed by Car 2 from Rasolt Formula Motorsport at a lap time of 1:13:828. The 5th Faster Car on the track is Car 2 from Cemir Racing at 1:14:089 followed by Car 2 from Rasolt Formula Motorsport at 1:14:102. the 7th Fastest car on the session is Car 2 from IMVK at 1:14:356 followed by Car 2 from Krotz Motorsport at 1:14:452. The 9th Fastest Car on the session is Car 1 from Flankland Motorsport at 1:14:655 followed by Car 1 from Cemir racing at 1:14:789

And that's Ladies and Gentlemen is the Practice session of Formula Endurance Cup, Tune in for Tomorrow for Qualifying.

Note: NOW THAT'S DONE. I only put some of the important part from the old 4th hour of writing time that i lost so yeah.

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