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I present my newest invention: Samson Mk 1.5!





Inspired by the Samson Sa-2 from James Camerson's Avatar, this little helicopter is a vehicle of choice for the scouting parties both on Kerbin and other planets. Initially designed as a search-and-rescue craft by KAEC, which also made a combat prototype also known as "Samson 0", the KSCRD team upgraded it for exoplanet missions. It can carry up to 4 passengers (seats can be swapped for cargo holds), its engines can be easily tweaked for a thinner atmosphere, has an infinite range with the help of its 2 RTG generators, and thanks to its ability to fold the rotor blades, it can fit in the MK3 cargo bay, making it easy to transport.


This craft has two modes: transit and lander (ACTION GROUP 5) Recommended engine speed for "lander" is 80%, for "transit" is 100%

HOWEVER: before you fly the helicopter, make sure you have pressed ACTION GROUP 3 in order to make it work. It is highly recomended that you fly with SAS on, and that you take caution when performing maneuvers.

Download from KerbalX

(You need both expansions for this craft.)


I am open for suggestions on how to improve the craft. If you feel there is something I really need to fix, please comment below and I will update the craft ASAP


Known bugs:

*Sometimes, when the craft is landed on a building, the lander legs clip through them when loaded  FIXED

*When opening the engines, there is a chance that one of them will go rogue. Revert to start/quickload to fix this.

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On 11/29/2019 at 11:10 PM, Fierce Wolf said:

I just tested it, it looks like flappy bird lol I love it. I will try my own version too <3

I am working on fixing the floppiness

edit: the floppiness is fixed

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2 hours ago, Fierce Wolf said:

I don't know how to tackle the symmetry bug, whenever I place 2 servos, one of them stops responding to action groups!!


I guess you could place them and then remove symetry on one. Then work with them as separate things.

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