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Welcome to this modded tank design competition, And firstly, You'll need this modpack to make and submit your designs:


How this competition came to be

I was inspired by HB Stratos's "KSP Original Design Competition" But it was about planes instead of tanks.I originally wanted The Creator of FDC to make an addon that uses same vessel interaction to make custom turrets but since he is busy so I guess we will have to make do with the ones in FDC.(if anyone can contact him it will be great)


Also originality and realism(in original designs) are encouraged as that the point of the design competition

Plz only use FDC armor as the hull armor

Don't clip turrets or Armor together

Please don't go over 300 parts per vehicle

Use Ksp 1.10.1

This takes place in a version of Kerbin ravaged by war throughout the 20th century. Thus, the years and dates of the wars are different but they do parallel the real life wars in tech.

Now,There are four eras in this tank design competition: pre-war(1930s),earlyWW2(1943-1945),late WW2(1946-1949) and the early cold war(1950s-1960s). And your design shall reflect the design choices and technology of each era(along with the details of each contract).The tanks will be reviewed and evaluated on video over on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeaU7ksRT3GhBW496LnQyQ Anyway,here are the contracts:


Pre-War Era(1930s)


Contract 1:"After WW1,Our military is in dire need for a new tank because the past tank design is rushed and designed by inexperienced designers, thus we need a new tank. It has to be fast and have a decent gun(preferably 30 to 50mm).Armor is secondary as it speed should protect it. A machine gun is also optional."(look at early tank designs like the Panzer 1 or T-1)


Contract 2:"Hello my friends, in our opinion, these new armored vehicles is the key of a successful army. And we believe that tanks with the most firepower shall be the best. So designers, please make a tank with at least two turrets(that are both over 20mm in caliber)and decent armor as this tank will most likely be huge. Speed is not a priority .Also,this tank should be able to traverse rough terrain incase the next wars will also have trench warfare as the main form of combat. "(look at designs like the T-35,The Independent(if it actually had good guns),type 95 or the Char 2C)


Contract 3:"As a wise man once said "SPEED IS KEY!!!!"and we firmly agree with him, so we need you to design a tank that is as fast as possible....You know what, this vehicle doesn't even have  to be a tank, a car with some armor plates and a gun wielded to it should be good enough. If it is fast, it doesn't even need to have good armor."(just google "early armored car" for inspiration)


Early WW2


Contract 4:"Alright,the war has started and we are already not in a good spot. The tanks designed before the war are all useless and outmatched against our enemies tanks. Mainly, our tanks are just too vulnerable. The solution here is simple: just make a heavy tank. A tank that has out standing protection against enemy rounds(at least 100mms+) . Firepower is also a priority as the old tanks can't even penetrate the enemy armor.(cannon larger than 50mm)"(look at tanks like the Churchill or KVs for inspiration)


Contract 5:"As they say "The best defense is a good offense". As our old tanks are clearly struggling with penetrating enemy armor, we need to have a vehicle that can penetrate most, if not all, enemy tanks, a "Tank Destroyer" If you will. A gun that is about 75mms in caliber should do the trick. Armor is more or less secondary.(look at designs like the Marder, the M8 Scott  or the Pvkvs)


Submission format

[contact no. xy]
[craft name]
[pictures (max 3)]
[Download link (if possible KerbalX)]


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