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Hello Everyone!!!

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Hello! My name is Jordan and I am new here. I have been playing KSP for the past few months pretty much on and off, but now that I am on winter break I am playing it more often. I'm actually not big into video games anymore, but this is one I keep wanting to play because it's just so fun. It's somehow compelling me to want to try new things, to spend time grinding to complete a task, and to just learn new bits of information that are applicable to my academic interests. I am 29 and back in school again (got a GED at 18 due to personal issues, community college from 18-21 then gave up without graduating, but currently in community college looking to transfer next year or so to a 4-year university) studying - you guessed it! - engineering with an interest in majoring in aerospace.  I am just super fascinated by space flight and planets and the great unknown and I love math, science, technology, philosophy, art, medicine, law, literature, and all sorts of academic subjects, along with other personal interests like music and cinema. I am lucky to have a wife that will put up with me constantly talking about subjects that are probably way above my own head, and speculating on things I don't know or understand. We talk a lot about the meaning of life, the universe, aliens, and just a lot of heady philosophical stuff that most people would probably find ridiculous, dull or annoying. I am lucky she puts up with me. I am also very lucky to be starting a program with NASA through Oklahoma State University that is for community college students in STEM majors starting next month that will open some new doors for me that will be taught by people at NASA and I have been studying up on aerospace engineering concepts on my own time while I take lower level courses at my school in the pursuit to hopefully get a degree one day, then a job in the industry working on something that will hopefully lead to getting us to Mars for good! This game has taught me a fairly good deal about the basics of orbital mechanics and how to build a shape ship. It's just a lot of fun. I'm sure that's why we're all here - to just have fun! I look forward to perusing this forum for answers and hopefully connecting with people who, like me, want to be a part of this awesome time to be alive and contribute to the efforts to become an interplanetary species. Message me if you want to talk about anything and I'll see everyone around!

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