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  1. Hey, I'm trying to use Kerbal Alarm Clock, but the icon is not showing up anywhere. Toolbar Controller doesn't have it in the list. I've tried reinstalling it, but it's not working. I'm not completely sure what is the issue, as it's the only mod that's working.
  2. Eh, just take off your shirt and throw it as hard as you can, and you'll end up hitting a wall.
  3. It could also just be more noticeable with smaller rockets. Electron is 59 ft, which comes out to just a little more than 6 Electrons to reach Saturn V's height.
  4. You know how the SpaceX boosters can steer themselves with gridfins, going through the air. What if we used the air from the SS during the hot staging to flip it around? Same idea as using a leaf blower and then covering it with your hand then pulling one side of your hand off.
  5. You have to go to the GitHub, and then it should show a list of versions to download. ReStock only changes the looks, it doesn't change the physics. You don't have to install it if you want.
  6. What helps a lot is CKAN, but that's a topic for another reply. What you want is to download the Waterfall framework, "the magic beans", the most recent version will be fine. Then you add the modpacks, "fertilizer". You can add ReStock (very much recommended), but I'll explain Stock Waterfall Effects. Put both folders, "Waterfall" and "StockWaterfallEffects" into the GameData, and you should have some glorious plumes. Now CKAN is simply awesome. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases Download the most recent version, tell it where the KSP folder is, probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Kerbal Space Program\GameData, and then pick the mods you want. CKAN takes care of the rest!
  7. That's a pretty neat site, showing a map of where it's launching, but nextspaceflight.com is still the standard for me. It's run by one of the people in charge of NASA SpaceFlight. Also it's been interesting to see the quickly shrinking stretches' of time between the full test flights. First one was last year on April 20, second one was a little under 7 months on November 18, and now it'll be ~5 months if all goes well for IFT-3 to launch mid-March. IFT-4 through 6(?) are going to be epic.
  8. It's been a while since I clicked!
  9. Hyperspace (Star Wars Lore) is a weird dimension that has set paths, making it a space highway. If the chasers know the paths the runners took, they can just take the same path or take a faster one that pops out the same place. However they can break away from that path as is shown by Han Solo doing the Kessel run in a shorter path (clever way for them to retcon the parsec mistake), and in The Force Awakens (ugh).
  10. Hi, I'm back! I'm serving a mission for my church, and I'm in California at the moment lol

    I will be back in Florida, but not until June 2025.

  11. When I'm watching Matt Lowne, and notice he's not using Alt snap.
  12. However which countries are preparing for military action? USA and Russia are the easy answers with spy satellites and whatnot, maybe China, but what other countries are doing the same?
  13. Well, that begs the question, which country will be the next to include military operations in space? US and Russia(maybe?) are the first, who could be next?
  14. Today, I couldn't locate my driver's license, which was bad as I needed to go on a flight in a month. So I started looking through the house. Couldn't find it. I look carefully again 2 times, find 3 USB-C cables, and still couldn't find it. So I go ahead and order a replacement. After I finish and pay, the sunlight bounces off the monitor, and I shift it. Right behind the monitor, which is very hard to see behind, is my driver's license.
  15. Going to watch tomorrow's launch from Playalinda Beach, hopefully, as it'll probably be the last launch I get to watch in person! Saturday, I'll be moving with my family to Huntsville AL, so my siblings get better education along with better teacher pay.
  16. So today, I found out I had a former aerospace engineer in my neighborhood, today she gave me a gift. Oh lawd. The best bookmark. And the drawings! Amazing graduation gift!
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