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Planet discovered in Trinary Star System

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Haven't we already had confirmed planets in the Alpha Centauri system? Which is technically a ternary with Proxima being loosely bound to the AB binary.

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Yes, Proxima has a confirmed planet. This one is in perhaps a more exciting configuration with respect to its suns, though. Here's a diagram from the article:

The KOI-5 star system consists of three stars, labeled A, B, and C, in this diagram.

The two main suns orbit each other every 30 years, so I'm sure they're both fairly bright in the planet's sky.

The fact that the planet's not in planar alignment with the other stars is intriguing and raises the question of how the system developed.


There are probably planets which orbit all three suns in a system like this, but they would be so dim they'd be impossible to see with our telescopes.

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