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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!


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Munhopper - collecting science biome by biome, and when we're done, off to Minimus under it's own steam! Transmits, stores an extra copy for pickup-return to Kerbin and process data with the third copy for MOAR science. A bit fiddly to land on slopes though.



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The star that never came..

I decided that even though 23,000 dV for Polaris transfer was well within my limits, it definitely wasn't worth the 5 day burn time. I opted to try to fly to a nearby neutron star, but since Mechjeb2 doesn't work in interstellar space, I had no idea how I'd manage the capture.


Eventually, I got "closest approach" indicators and decided to work with those, which required a lot of burning. The reactor started getting inefficient due to heat, which is a big no-no, so I had manufacturing whip up some radiators. Thank goodness for KIS/KAS/OSE



In the end, the save somehow got corrupted and I never made it to the star. Started a New Horizons save instead.

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Took a jet for a spin in the mountains, then crashed. :P

Salamander! :cool:


Angel 1. Heavily inspired by the U-2 Dragon Lady. The name "Angel" comes from the all-over white coloration, massive wings, and the fact that the U-2 design program was called "Angel" by the Skunk Works.

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I would love to show you some of the awesome things I've done recently. But I can't, because Imgur is being a male body part that rhymes with "Richard" and won't let me upload anything at all today...

*sigh* So instead, have this lovely set of images of a large rover mysteriously floating out of the cargo bay of my SSTO back in .25.




"I must go, my planet needs me!"


"Go home KSP physics! You're DRUNK!"

(seriously - that's about the weirdest bug I've ever seen in this game. I was gobsmacked... :D )

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