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Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

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A couple of my favorites...


An A-10 on patrol.


A F-14 losing a dogfight.


Some experiments are done using a B-52 and the M2F3 lifting body.


An interplanetary ship departs for the Joolean system.



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Tried to see if I could get the mobile base into orbit with minimal modification. It may not look like it but there's a rocket in the cargo hold.


It didn't make it, but it did break my personal airspeed record, the result of 6 ramjets I guess.


In honor of that speed record it'll stay in the ocean.

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Hanger Building 10 

landed safely on Duna

This 812 part, 574t building is 26h, 23w, 33l and houses 24 kerbalnaut maintaince crew,

has 2 service docking ports for your rover or landing craft to get service or retrofitting. the movable walkways allow for easy top access. Housing is accessed internally.

Park Your Shuttle here!





a kerbals view


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