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What did you do in KSP today?


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Well, first of all I did a quick launch of a satellite to KEO... 


The orbital insertion burn and payload separation took place in the dark.


The satellite in orbit.


Then I decided I would try and rendezvous with said satellite with a Dyna-Soar. I promptly failed to achieve orbit and had just enough Δv to soften my atmospheric entry... 


The reentry was rough and I lost all the decals and one of the wings... 


Jeb (of course) was able to parachute out before the glider slammed into the ocean and was destroyed.


After I landed I found the water's refractions could cause some really weird visual effects. 


And That's all, Folks!

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Three solar storms in one day of playing KSP (plus one each at Dres and Moho) and I decided that that particular feature of Kerbalism was getting turned down to minimum frequency to stop irradiating my Kerbals around Minmus. The crew of my Minmus station got evacuated after the third storm when they began showing signs of radiation sickness.

Built a space plane. Flew it towards space. Missed...

Unlocked NERV engines. Attached to said space plane. Flew towards space again. Missed again... Panthers and ramp intakes fizzle out at just over 800m/s which is too slow to make orbit even with NERVs, although I reached 2km/s in the end.

Began construction of a huge wheeled lab with an equally huge skycrane to land on the Mun and do much science over many years. Due to its high mass (over 70 tons) it’s being built over time using KSTS’ in-orbit construction system by a crew of engineers aboard Space Lab Two in LKO, before being fully fuelled and supplied (and crewed!) to send it to the Mun.

And after waiting nearly a (game) year to find out what happened to those Duna probes, landers and rovers they sent out there with no communications back to Kerbin (due to a lack of powerful comms dishes at the time they were launched and a level 2 tracking station), Mission Control were thrilled when a convenient alignment of Kerbin, Eve and Duna allowed signals to be relayed via an Eve relay and the first trickles of data from Duna and Ike were received. A while later Kerbin and Duna moved close enough that the super-powerful relays in high Kerbin orbit- each with eighteen RA-15 dishes- could reach the relays around Duna directly and even more data began to arrive.

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Doing some Engineering. For a while I wanted to build hollow stations (to be able to dock your ship inside its axis, or to stick an asteroid there), big enough to have 3m wide ships passing through.

I also wanted to have rotating rings, around those hollow axis (or even around station modules if needed, like rotating rings around a science lab). I did try wheels, but the way they work in KSP makes them difficulty usable in a setup where they're in a ring (you have wheels rotating both ways, relative to the center of control which, in a hollow station, is on the outside of the ring) so I had to build my own wheels. I also needed to build some rails of sort, which would work in zero-G.

I ended up with this:


The part count is high (265) for a simple station core. There's a counter clockwise sets of rotor under the first one, to keep the ring from going away. At full torque it eats 30EC, but once the decoupler have been exploded away and everything is stable, it can be throttled down to 20% of torque, and it then eats only 3EC.

There is no symmetry involved in the ring, but there might be a way. The main issue is that staging blow off the struts in a symmetry setup. Maybe using docking ports instead of struts could help.

Anyway, it works somehow. Maybe there's no need for that many rotors (I've been exploiting the symmetry bugs which allows to go above 8). Don't go above 20 RPM though, or everything starts acting weird.

I now need to build entire station around this :D Or a race track for space ships, using those as goals and pressurizeb public stand to witness high TWR spaceship racing around. Or something like that.

There's a kerbal X craft file here.

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Nemo undergoing trials...  [click + arrows]

hNpDNKc.png     XR78W13.png

T1GPrqG.png     lT0WqJ9.png

3 service bays for 3 "electric" drives.  It's rigged for "silent running".  200+ m/s in the air.  16-18 m/s on the surface.  Maybe 8 m/s underwater.

Looks like, once it's properly rigged/trimmed for underwater running, it won't need the bow and stern vertical drives at all.  They are nowhere near sufficient to keep the submersible down, so Nemo does have the usual Tardis ballast system.

This format does seem to lend itself to a conventional sub which would be powered by wingtip Juno stacks.

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Mostly fuel transfers and design work today. After playing around with the Icarus for a while, I decided that I just don't like it. It does a lot of things - rover, ISRU, large crew carrier, VTOL - but it's just too complicated. I'm going to go with a dedicated lander for Duna/Ike and just do multiple hops from the surface to orbit. I'll also put an ISRU rover similar to the one I have on Minmus down on Ike and leave it there.

The only noteworthy event other than design work was a mission to rescue a kerbal in LKO. Jeb and Val decided to take a break from their vacation and took the Winterlance up.



Up into space



Intercept. They didn't even make Roald work very hard on this one - only 18 m/s difference to make up.



Heading in after making the crossing



I didn't time the re-entry very well and blew past KSC.



Got turned around and headed back, but ran out of fuel just off the coast



Decided to go with the chutes and missed it by that much


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Made plans for Upsilon

I want to do Tylo Private Station soon! Like real soon!

I think after that I am going to make A giant Flag shaped base for Pol!

Eeloo will be big! I wonder what I will do...

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I played a lot of KSP

I have restarted a new campaign with as few mods as possible to warm up for KSP 2.

Kerbal Alarm Clock

Docking Port Alignment Indicator

KOS ( seeems to still be well supported )

Fuel Switch & Tweak Scale  ( it is silly not to be able to say how big your tanks are or what they contain )

I am in the bginning of campaign in the Kerbol system. I have miners and science hoppers etc.

The Mun Miner barely get up with the ore and refuel only half it weight to the Pusher which uses Nerv engines to push things around.

So what did I do today.

The Minmus miners have such an easy time getting into space. So I launched extra or packs to mount on the Minmus miners I called them "Miner Overload" packs. Maybe that will make them refuel the pusher moe efficiently. So I DOUBLED the ore capacity if the Minmus miners and each of the Miners have 4 of the largest ISRU units.

These miners are expensive like 1,4 million the goal is to train kerbals to 3 stars 

mun landing + flag

orbit sun

Minmus landing + flag

dock with science station and level up.

I am still in the early campaign with not so much omney.

Yeah that is what I dod today I researched Dawn ION propulsion and sent bigger tanks to almost overload the Minmus miners.

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One of my older Rockomax fuel tankers arrived at Mun Station on its final mission. It docked and transferred almost all of its fuel to the S3 tanker already there ...



... then deorbited itself near the deployed science setup.



It didn't have enough fuel to really add a lot of speed, but it still made a decent impact that probably woke up the Icarus crew nearby.



Speaking of the Icarus, it had finally managed to refill its tanks so it closed up the bays and prepared for liftoff.



I managed to get it into orbit manually, but it's a real bear to fly on heading. I got a rendezvous with Mun Station, but it will take another orbit.



In the meantime, a Giant MOFO tanker set down on Minmus and began refueling ops.



That's a lot of fuel tank to fill up! When Giwig and Halby signed up to be kerbonauts, they probably didn't realize they'd be glorified gas station attendants.


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I experienced Rapid Unplanned Disassembly


I rescued 2 Kerbals from low orbit and decided to land near the KSC.


Shouldn't we be slowing down and facing backwards?


At least the parachutes deployed... a bit too late though. F9!


This time, I remembered the service bay existed and used it to slow down.

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On 5/17/2013 at 2:06 PM, Xeldrak said:

So, what did you do in KSP today? I'm working on my project to touch down on every object in the system without mechjeb, so everything is done by hand. I launched a rocket (Project D-Man)to Duna yesterday and today I landed on Duna . After taking off, I realized that I could land on Ike too. This way I don't have to visit the Duna-system again. However - it seems I did a slight miscalculation and only reached Ike orbit....with a 30 km apoapsis.

So, I converted a space-tug I had in storage into a interplanetary towing service and left for Duna. Yeah, it has mechjeb, because I did all the landing allready and its better than just leaving my faithfull kerbals in Ike orbit (my project - my rules :wink: ). So both ships met in Ike-orbit, where I accidently triggered the last stage seperator on D-Man just after docking. However after a few months of waiting for the right planetary alignment - the D-Man capsule is on its way home :D And yes, I did not have to attend any lectures today - so there was plenty of time for KSP ;)

So, what about you?

i did nothing because ksp doesnt work for me

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I spent most of yesterday cleaning up after an unprovoked Kraken attack.

The North Rim outpost was never intended to be on the North Rim of the East crater, but when the the expedition (Bob, Bill, and piloted by Obbo the Unfortunate) landed, a slight miscalculation meant that they were ~7km from their original landing zone, on the top side of a nearly impassible cliff, and pointing down a ~30 degree slope:


The second lander filled with rovers for the Munar suface landed nearby, and everyone just proceeded to make the best of a bad situation. I intended to eventually relocate at least the main base to the plains at the bottom of the slope, some 500m away, but was stymied by how one would reasonably move multi-ton MK3 landers. Then, when I was checking in on Bob in the Munar twilight, the Kraken struck the rover lander, tossing it several meters into the air, where it paused, hanging above the surface exactly the way bricks don't. It then started to spin violently, landed, and began to roll down the slope about 2/3rds of the way to the bottom, ending up facing more or less down hill again. Faced with this unprecedented situation, I decided that if game physics were going to get me into this mess, they would get me back out. I didn't use F12, but by putting some fuel back in the rover lander tanks and firing up the Poodle on minimum thrust, I was able to slowly slide it the rest of the way down the hill, occasionally stopping and getting a steering bump from my heavy refueling rover, Robo-Bowser. The main lander was more difficult, since it did not retain the main engines, but had been built with a large docking port on the backside. Fortunately, Robo-Bowser still has the 4 Twitch landing engines that put it on the surface in the first place. It took a lot of thrust and extra fuel, but eventually I was able to push both landers to the bottom of the slope:


The last two pictures were taken at dawn of the next day, it was too dark for good pics during the operation.

After that, I spent quite a bit of time working on some heavy equipment to assist during the next cleanup mission. Lucott is testing out the prototype on the runway with a ~800kg concrete weight for the test lift:



It works out to about 4.5 tons rated lift on the Munar surface, which isn't too shabby for something this size. Next was the stability test:


Well, I guess that is far enough. Still, it failed safe and in an easily recoverable position. To the MUN!!!!:



Bill had the job of unbolting the droptanks from the boom, and here he is waiting for the rest of the fuel to burn off before unbolting the main tank and dragging it out from underneath with the winch:


I think he likes his new toy:



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I upgraded the solar truss on my space station with KIS.

When I launched the station, the solar panels were on a piston to give them clearance, but when I designed a new crew capsule later, it was very big and when docked, was very close to the panels.



First, I had to take off the solar truss, which weighed 2.1 tons. This was too much for one kerbal, or two.


After removing it, I was able to add a snack box and a taller adapter to the top node, where the small adapter is.


To avoid bringing out more kerbals, I detached the solar wings. This had some unintended consequences.


Having some KAS winches on the station would've been very helpful.


Eventually, the wing was put back on. The core part of the truss was rotated wrong and too heavy for one kerbal, so the station's pilot decided to help out by spinning around.


Then, I had to chase down the other wing. If you want to stop something from drifting, grab it then drop it on the kerbal.



Finally, the upgrade was complete, and there is now more space for vehicles to dock.


The mission rotated the crew and brought 3 tourists to the station, too.


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Todays work was more productive, if a bit tedious. The USI Life Support mod includes the ability for the Convertotron 125 to turn ore into fertilizer for the greenhouses, though at a conversion rate that is abysmal by even the 125's already low standards. (It's a 1000:1 ratio). It's still worthwhile as a step towards self sufficiency on the Mun, so I built a specialized fertilizer plant and shot it into Munar orbit, along with a ride-share of MSE-6 geology rovers:




Once it landed without incident (a first in the career of Obbo the Unfortunate), Obbo was banished assigned to refueling duty at the main refinery, and Bill brought out the welcome wagon to bring Janey to her new digs in the expanded, remodeled and freshly swept science lab:



In the meantime, however, Giesel had discovered several flaws in the new fertilizer plant. The designers had underestimated both the electrical draw of the new life support systems, and how much ore would be needed to keep the converter at a productive level. Bill thought he could solve the second problem by breaking out a couple new drills from the spares:



But that was only going to make the power problem worse, and the warehouse was fresh out of fuel cells. Bill did have a brainstorm, though, looking out at the horizon where the massive Auto-Miner refinery dominated the view. It had 3 big fuel cell arrays, and certainly it was better to lose power on an automated craft than it was to lose life support on a manned ship. There was only one problem, but Bill already had a solution:




But Bill, are you sure this is the best way? It's clearly labeled "Not for Lifting Kerbals"... Ok, FINE!!! We tried it your way, now we are going to do it MY way! (Giesel is a bit of a fireball.)





(BTW, I wanted to do it her way the whole time, but Bill REALLY wanted to try out the new crane)

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I've been messing around with the Mk2 spaceplane parts. Created a pretty standard spaceplane for small crew and cargo missions:


And also have been experimenting with very low-drag designs. For this next vehicle, I have paired the wings down to little fins. The landing gear pods, extra fuel, antennas, experiments etc have to sit inside cargo bays. No outboard engine pods, radial intakes or wing mounted tanks; everything had to be kept in the single in-line fuselage. The result is a lot of fun, very very fast, but doesn't glide or turn as well as the first vehicle in this post. It's pretty well balanced as far as CoM vs CoL goes, but as old F-104 pilots liked to say, it does a lot of 'banking with intent to turn' haha



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I sent another old fuel tanker down to its death on the Mun. Nothing huge, but it registered a respectable hit on the seismometer.



The I launched the first piece for a contract to 'upgrade Kerbin Station'.



Up into orbit without the fairing. The cargo is just the S3 tanker and the two sets of docking crosses for the ends of the new station.



Docked at the existing Kerbin Station. I'll bring the new station up and hook it to one of the senior port on the docking crosses. Once the upgrade contract completes, I'll deorbit the old one. With the old connections being all Jr/regular docking ports it isn't really stable enough to handle the larger ships and fuel tankers I'm building now.



I sent the booster from the launch home and landed it on the KSC crawlerway. It still only gets 98% recovery even though it's closer to the VAB than the launch pad.



And finally, I took one of those "do what you're already doing anyway" contracts to mine ore from Minmus.



Switch to the miner, contract completes almost instantly. Thanks WinterOwl!


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I went to the Mun with my new VR set (Rift S). To enhance the immersion, I decided to forbid timewarping. I wanted to get there fast, so I built this overpowered rocket (12 km/s DV) to get there! I used the drawing of an 8 year old ( the son of  redditer u/toddsiegrist) to help me set out my mission trajectory. :)

I used raster prop monitor and kerbal VR mod for this mission. The mission was a lot of fun and the VR experience was very immersive (although a bit buggy, from time to time).

here is a video of the mission, if anybody is interested.. :)


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Haven't posted on the forums in a while, but I'm particularly proud of how this turned out. Today I finished conducting a crew transfer for Exodus Station. All my first-station-around-a-planet stations in this career mode save are named after books in the Old Testament (Genesis Station being the station around Kerbin). Genesis looks like garbage, so I'll spare your eyes and not put a picture of it here. On the other hand, I love the way Exodus, along with its Cygnus crew transfer vehicles, turned out looking.

Here's an image of Exodus Station with two Cygnus ships docked:


Additionally, this was the first time I had the nerve to use the automated docking algorithm I wrote using krpc with a crewed craft. I wrote it to be quite conservative, with a speed limit of sqrt2 m/s. It approaches to a position 10m straight out from the docking port, stops, then moves in to 5m, stops, then moves in for the docking. This gives me lots of time to abort if necessary, and I'm quite proud of it. Also, it uses less monopropellant and is faster than if I dock manually, which is nice.

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I took 7 tourists on a flyby tour of Rhode's moons.


I launched from Lua, Rhode's first moon, using the launchpad you can unlock for :funds:7,000,000. Then, I went to Armstrong and decided to land because I had way more than enough fuel.


There were several faceplants before the crew finally got together for a picture, and then they forgot to actually take one.

After that, I left Armstrong and went to Ash, Rhode's largest and most distant moon.


No landing this time.

Before I could land on Rhode, I needed to rescue a kerbal from low orbit.

I aerobraked into a low Rhode orbit, but lost an airbrake in the process.

After saving Billy-Bobwise Kerman, I landed near the KSC.

I overshot a bit, though. The spacecraft is the white spot in the center, and the KSC is in the top right.


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A slightly awkward moment occurred when I realised that my shiny new Mun base had enough power to last all of 2 hours in the dark even with all the power-hungry stuff shut down- the internal heating system alone would need over 40k electric charge to last the 12 hours of Munar night, courtesy of Kerbalism.

Fortunately, I built the base on wheels and equipped it with a Bon Voyage rover autopilot, so it’s easy to keep it on the light side of the Mun. I also cannibalised four old rovers, stripping their solar panels and batteries (and a BG scanning arm) before blowing them up. (And accidentally blowing up the base the first time :blush: but the second time I set a smaller blast radius and a longer fuse then drove the base away.) Now all I have to do is keep driving the base west every 6-10 hours to stay in the sunlight, at least until I can get some really big batteries or some fuel cells out to it so it can survive the night without running out of power and killing the crew from exposure and/or CO2 poisoning.

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