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Custom Control Pad + Sneak Peek video

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Since i've been trying to build a stock space plane that could bring 8 kerbals to a LKO station and land safely back at KSC, i made a space plane specific layout


As you can see there are no joysticks or controls, that's beacouse i fly planes with a joystick, then when in orbit a swipe with 2 fingers on iPad screen to switch to "orbit" layout and have docking controls (I stop using joystick in orbit).

Here is full setup plane setup


And... very few days ago i finally managed to have my spaceplane take off from runway, reach orbit, dock with 100K space station, deliver 8 kerbals and land safely back !!!!! I'm super happy, it was a long lasting personal challenge. (Huge air intake and Vertical speed gauges where very helpful)

And here is the space plane re-entering in flames :)


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I'm not sure I'd want to use my iPad as a controller for KSP, but would it be possible to output a Mechjeb/Kerbal Engineer style display to it? Basically using it as an external monitor for gauges, orbit stats, etc.

You can do this with Telemachus. Not just stats but also basic control. But it's split into different tabs so you can just check stats.

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Whens the next release roll out to the beta testers?

We are struggling with certificates on windows, we have to install a driver for virtual joysticks, have requested and just (2 hours ago) obtained a certificate from thrusted authority, we are now trying to figure out how to embed it in our installer. As soon as the certificate problem is solved, new beta will ship with a lot of cool new features (Layout web download and sharing included in the app, so you can create a layout for a game or application and share it with other users ! )

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will this mod only work for a ipod/ipad to apple pc? or can you use it with any type of pc? i use a dell. would the app work with my pc or is it only apple to apple?

I can easily answer that for you, I use a Dell Win 8 machine in conjunction with my iPad mini whilst testing this, works perfectly

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Can I get on with the Android Beta?

Thanks for your interest ! Android beta hasn't yet started, we are waiting to have version 1.0 complete and released on iOS, collect data, improve stuff and release 1.1 update with Android support. (also, working on more advanced SDK, and waiting for that to move on on Android version).

At the moment, you can email us with your infos, and when time will come we will select beta testers for android among those who emailed.

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Would it work on iphone too? Maybe just a big ABORT button and a stage button?

Here are the actual iPhone default layouts for KSP :




Plus as BlazingAngel pointed out, you can edit them, modify them or create new ones.

We are working on video tutorials for CCP in general and some KSP specific ones, but one thing to notice is that ALL buttons and data displays you see in the screenshot i'm posting are WORKING, BlazingAngel video is basically showing the application WITHOUT the KSP mod active, so simple keyboard simulation.

More soon, and great thanks for all the feedback !

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