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Funniest/Coolest Kerbal Names

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My personal favourites, Podny Kerman and Hadney Kerman.

In my original Sandbox save, both Podny and Hadney replaced the "big three" (who were permanently staffed at a base on the other side of Kerbin) and flew on a lot of my early missions. Hadney was K.I.A when I accidentally dropped a massive tower of Hitchhiker Storage Containers on the launch pad and forgot to revert the flight. ;.;

Podny is off on leave for as long as that original save is in storage (somewhere) on my computer...

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The other day, I was going through Kerbals in the Astronaut facility, looking for names to use in my Almost-Tropical Cyclone (i'm going to rename it Semi-Tropical Cyclone) name lists. I happened to come across a lot of unusual and funny names.


  • Dudrin Kerman (I swear it sounds so familiar...)
  • Duuki Kerman
  • Catline Kerman
  • Raygun Kerman!
  • Mine Kerman
  • Irrie Kerman
  • Zelly Kerman
  • Zelemma Kerman
  • Mare Kerman
  • Ferke Kerman
  • Lizrys Kerman
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