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  1. I'd imagine the main problem with using existing missiles to launch payloads on the moon is that being designed to work in atmosphere, the lack of air for control surfaces means that they'd be unable to stay on course. Unless the missile chosen already has some sort of thrust vectoring or such.
  2. So all that rocky debris from the burn poses no threat to any delicate components on the exterior of the spacecraft?
  3. Yeah, I agree. I just hate when I go to a theme park and see people screaming and enjoying themselves on rollercoasters, don't they know we've been operating rollercoasters for over 100 years? /s
  4. Calculate where it'll land, and if it's at sea, send out SpaceX's Mr. Steven to play catch...
  5. As well as the fact that all aircraft apparently have Jericho Trumpets when they do any sort of dive.
  6. It all depends. Obviously the 2950 metric ton Saturn V will not stand on 5 F1 Engines, but model rockets that only weigh a few kg will happily sit on their bells. Gravity as well is a large factor, if you built a strong enough engine bell on a descent stage for a light lunar landing craft, it may well be a suitable alternative to a separate landing gear system.
  7. Well, yes. But I meant what company, group manufacturer etc? Do we know of them yet, or are they already known? but then again in probably giving it too much thought
  8. Fast travel? Accelerates time (equal to time taken to get there) and spawns the Kerbal at the destination.
  9. Who built the stock craft in KSP lore-wise? The space station core's description mentions that it is in the Kerlington craft catalog, but are there other contractors who built other craft? This space station core, assembled by Kerlington contains parts from various other manufacturers. How does this whole system work? I always thought the manufacturers only existed to supply parts for the space program, who would then do the job of constructing craft. But it seems they also provide their own craft, using parts from companies that they haven't collaborated with (at least not confirmed, unlike C7-Rockomax RAPIER). Who built the Learstar? the Kerbal X? The Bug-E-Buggy?
  10. I mean even if they were, ground based observers wouldn't really be able to give much warning as it's very hard to spot them and they move so quickly. That's the job of radar, which in the 1940s was still being improved upon.
  11. Jet engines that can only operate under water. The deeper you go, the higher the thrust.
  12. I thought this was a thread for the impossible? After all, the Fulton Recovery System does exist
  13. Interesting stuff! Just a slight nitpick: "Bombers or attackers" would be more suitable here as missiles weren't around. Closest thing was flying bombs like the V1.
  14. It's quite firm in how it points the craft, unlike modern SAS which thinks that only half gimbal is appropriate for a Learstar spinning out of control.
  15. Here's my try at the challenge. The Kerbal Space Program noted Space Express Airline's contract and decided to put forward it's current orbiter vehicle, the Learstar A1. As part of the Learstar Applications Programme, the A1 orbiters are being modified to undertake flights for third-party contractors. Space Express Airline's contract has been accepted as part of this programme, and so we proudly present the newly completed Learstar A1 S.E.A!
  16. I think so, Shuttles make up a fairly large portion of the reusable spacecraft market
  17. @Xurkitree not to be rude, but.. Doesn't the image of a poor Kerbal dabbing count as a crime against Kerbin? ..
  18. I sure could, they take a while getting the white outlines but I'd be able to do more. I also recommend the Kronal Vessel Viewer mod if you haven't seen it already, which is what I've used to get detailed pics up close of parts. Anything specific in mind?
  19. Back after a long while. Starting to get back into KSP Created some blueprints for Rockomax Skipper. Honestly I love the In-game model and kinda hope they don't change it. Used KVV to get good photos around the engine in-game.
  20. Sadly I haven't been able to play War Thunder, KSP or anything, actually. PC decided to stop working without explaination
  21. Are you going to stay here on the forums? If not, it's been great seeing your content, so I must say if I haven't already before, thank you.

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