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Will you press the button?


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Basically the user above you will post [insert good result] but [insert some downside] and you must reply if you would push the button that make it happen and explain why or why not.

(if you need insperation for what to ask go here)


Post 1: You can go to equestria but it is the fandom equestria.

Post 2: I would push the button because [insert reason if you want]

I'll start

You can go to equestria but it is the fandom equestria

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Too much of a contrast between good and bad. So yeah, not pressing it.

If you press this button, you will meet Jebediah Kerman, but he and you are sent on a DANGEROUS mission to Laythe, then Jebediah falls out of the rocket and the lander breaks when you're descending. Then you'll be stranded, FOREVER.

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"Press the button!" "Don't press the button!" "Yes! Press the button!" "NO, I forbid you to press that button!"

I'd rather not. I don't know what the "situation" is.

The button is a stalemate resolution button. You stop GLaDOS from killing you and put him in charge of the nuclear reactor.

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Nope. I always beat GLaDOS anyway, and besides, that little punk is always more trouble than he's worth.

Push the button for free candy. 10% chance of a completely random effect -- anything in the known universe, both within and outside of your imagination.

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