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  1. I made an imgur gallery of some testing I did with these legs if you think it will help catch squad's attention.
  2. Can I suggest a part? After watching The Martian I kind of want sort of an extra bright white lighthouse styled part, maybe stack and surface attachable at either size 0 or 1 so that my kerbals could find their way to the lander in severe duststorms at night. Kind of like what you see in this clip in the background https://youtu.be/s0V-kqIe4pw?t=51s
  3. So can we expect a video on the answer?
  4. hey nert I have a question, how did you learn to texture in the first place. I mean I know that what you have now is the result of at least a year of model making, but where did you get your first steps from?
  5. Or to segregate cargo bays on space planes, maybe instead of one really long bay the person wants 2 small separate bays.
  6. Well if you make it compatable with NFP I'm sure loads of people would like the variate it brings.
  7. Jeez, I wonder how Laythe would look with monster north seaish swells? If it knocks ships back and forth it certainly would make those ocean ore rigs a challenge to deploy.
  8. Hey I was wondering if you had any luck figuring out that problem you discovered about a week back? Anyway if you need a personal cheer up, feel free to let us know.
  9. I was thinking, would it be possible to have the reactor have a "core temperature" in addition to the stock temperature? The core temperature would require proper radiators to cool it but it won't generate stock heat unless you overcook the core, in which case the part will just begin to meltdown until it reaches 100% damaged at which point there's nothing you can do except watch your ship burn up from the amount stock heat generated that puts the LV-N to shame.
  10. Blackrack, you'll be happy to know that the issue I had that everyone said was related to openGL which I denied because I didn't have openGL running was because drumroll..... I was running openGL Turns out that I modified the steam initiliziaton instead of the .exe directly which is why when I checked if openGL was running I didn't see the modification. Anyway now that that's out of the way, where's my scotch? I thought I asked for it an hour ago. -rings annoying bell-
  11. Same thing, 1.0 no ATM installed, downloaded from kerbalstuff. I did notice that the dense lines seem to disappear when I went from full screen to windowed. EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to get the dense stripe effect in windowed mode as well as the pink boxes on the instruments which I never saw before. I'll see about reproducing those steps after I get home from work.
  12. I'd also like to suggest a stack mounted heat sink to draw heat away from sensitive or extra hot parts that also supports radial attachment so I can stick more radiators for even more heat removal goodness. Another thing I'd look at is the emisive curve, it might just be me and my lack of blackbody understanding but I don't think radiators glow when they're room temperature.
  13. I had a thought about EC's for life support, what if we make it where Kerbals get scared should they go without power in a dark command pod for a few days, basically hiding from the shadows outside the space craft and thus unable to listen to commands until the power comes back on. That way we won't have to worry about how much Ec/s a pod is using up, just how long he's been at 0 EC.
  14. What about EVE Online? doesn't that have a joolian ton of systems, each with planets, stations, asteroid belts, and juicy cargo ships.
  15. What's interesting is that since technology has advanced so far since H.G. Wells wrote that book that should the martians from the book attempted an assault, we'd wipe the floor with them. That's why all the movies show martians differently than how Wells described them, because there's a bit of difference between the HMS Thunderchild and the USS John Paul Jones.
  16. Lets see, we have a spring, a toothpick, and a couple of screws? Yeah she can fix that.
  17. I am a Sparrow Man* Who are you. *male pixie for those who haven't seen any of the Tinkerbell movies
  18. I still think that a generic cylinder on Kerbin dedicated not just to Nimoy but to everyone who has ever inspired people to look up to the stars would be fitting, something simple such as this: My goal wasn't to just create a memorial to Nimoy but rather to anyone who made you look up to the sky in awe who is no longer among us.
  19. I wouldn't mind a generic black cylinder on either Laythe or Kerbin to honor Nimoy.
  20. Well on the bright side a space elevator would be easy to make at that scale.
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