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Will you press the button?

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No, I'd rather keep diamonds valuable...

Having an infinite stack would be rather inconvenient, considering that it would keep making more - until the Universe runs out of free Carbon atoms.

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Okay, I press the button to erase my prior button but then your button never occurs which means I never undo my prior button, but because I never undid my prior button you offer your button which I press which then undoes my prior button pressing which hence removes your button.

Press the button to end this time loop or leave me here to my insanity

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people i used to know live there!

people who manufactured all those toys i had that easily broke live there...

... Hmmm....

*stepdances on the button*

Push the button to randomly change the hair colour of every living (human) being's hair (including Scott Manley's to bright pink) permanently?

Edited by heng
excluded non-human beings. can't have purple cats or green polar bears. for aesthetic reasons
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Unfortunately, with this exact font, the logo, and the name NASA the whole design looks incredibly offensive to the first non-human sentient extraterrestrial race we encounter - immediately starting the first interstellar war.

Push the button to invite me to dinner (pizza and a beer is fine).

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Push the button to receive KSP 2.0 with self programmed physics that never Krakens and is capable of handing ships with 1 million parts, full occulus rift support, including "kerbal cam", enhanced cockpits allowing control over everything including fuel flow, 1000 new parts with no downside on memory and loading on demand at the cost of having cancer and being dead in 5 years.

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No, such a supply would violate the conservation of mass-energy and tear apart the fabric of the universe.

Press the button to go back in time, but have no means of returning.

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