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  1. Hello KSP Forum! I'm back from the dead with a post for my friend who has remade VAOS Dragonfly VTOL. Video Pretty Screenshots for postery: KerbalX Craft Link Download link will come soon once he's done with it. He mentions by the end of today or tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm already pestering him about it.
  2. H E L L O  W O R L D

    1. Joshwoo70


      Yes, I'm probably back for a while.

      Eurgh... I do need to change it again.

  3. Okay i see NO LINK http://imgur.com/a/a9PTs first one is Astronomer's Second one is SVE latest. Argument is invalid. topic about stollen assets closed. cc @Astronomer anyways intrested for your return
  4. Show it to us and prove that it is yours. (Actions speak louder than words.) 1. Wrong you can bee taken down for the content. PS: downloading the original pack. having a look at it myself.
  5. Um.. astronomer returns? WHAT WITCHERY IS THIS?! anyways back on topic.. : 1. you not included that smoosh video.... (Moderators can take it down due to the content shown) 2. if you say so i would be interested in the evidence Also : So your topic is kinda invalid.
  6. wanting to post my 2 cents( or less). like what has nils said. you cannot squeeze a game for cash. It will eventually die out like a cow. when you milk it for too long.. milk does not not come out anymore. so it may seems that ksp has reached this breaking point. where there is nothing more a dev can add and the hype train just falls. and also kiwi. can you try not to be so rude? thanks people will appreciate it
  7. i think you need the i.imgur.com/AAAAA.png link instead of the regular one
  8. should try using without MJ ... thats where the fun is anyways for me (and dasvaldez)
  9. @lo-fi, do you need an additional tester? Since I got time around these few days I could help in. Ps. Not sure if I want to have tester status for the Offical KSP thingy.( I already have 1 for rimworld!)
  10. Oh cool! Would suggest contacting @MrMeeb for stuff that he worked on for AVP. Also wrong thread I guess? Add-on development.
  11. Nuu! Anyways we will miss you ted! FIRST?
  12. KEO would be nice. AVP (astronomer visual pack) MM(module manager)
  13. "Progress has also been made with regards to the decaying orbits." Yay!(it was a bug all along)
  14. guys! i got a build for 1.1.2 for all of you guys. Main Download : link (not working as intended) fixing it... Sourcery : link Enjoy! @BahamutoD if you want me to take it down. just tell me. EDIT: after a look around.. i cannot find a solution to the wheels sinking into the ground. baha could use this as a base though. EDIT 2 : after some after thought.. someone will need to use unity to update the wheel colliders.
  15. uh! now!? oh well. rembered the times where the aerodynamic was like um... soup! and the little kerbals that I usually hyperedit into space... Good times. Fair well my friend. o7
  16. TAC life support USI life support Snacks! and probably many more
  17. well famous last words. I forget to get you guys.The dll... :/ okay.. promissing "when it's done it's done" mentality and goiving you guys the dll soon I hope.
  18. aayyy... now I DONT have to fix up the plugins! \o/ anyways I managed to decompile fermentGUI.dll and I am able to supply tomorrow when I wake up. (unless spanner did it then I dont need todo :P)
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