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Portable Rover Components. New project from ASET. (up 29/07/14)


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ASET presents it’s newest product:

Portable Rover Components

(working title)

PRC is a kit to assemble a rover “on locationâ€Â. It is meant from the start to be packaged into KAS containers as small, portable modules that are unfolded and assembled upon delivery.

New high tech materials and cunning construction explain the minimal packaging volume and mass of parts.

1. Base platform -- the chassis of the rover that all other components attach to, which can be populated with mission-specific equipment as desired.

2. Bumper -- contains a solar panel and batteries, and can also serve for mounting mission-specific equipment.

3. Wheels -- unique foldable wheels, which actually consume far less container volume than they would otherwise and allow to assemble the rover directly on the ground without explosions.

4. Crew seat -- contains a built-in battery, must be unfolded before use.

Parts overview:

A short video, demonstrating rover assembly:



Thanks to Mihara for the original idea of foldable on-location assembled rover as well as help and support.


The volume that parts take up inside a KAS container is a first estimate and probably needs further balancing, I’d like to hear what others think about it.




KAS is required.

AdvancedAnimator is required.

The rover was tested in KSP 0.24.2-x64 using KAS 0.4.7_with this unofficial patch, and worked fine, but your mileage may vary, since there’s still no official KAS 0.24 release.

What’s next:

  • Career mode integration, funds and tech level balancing.
  • Blocking attachment of parts onto the platform while it’s folded, blocking the folding of the platform while other components are attached.
  • Blocking the wheel from spinning before it’s unfolded.
  • Accessories like batteires, boxes, lighting, etc, depending on user demand.
  • Scaled down version in half size.

I’ll be happy to hear your comments, advice and requests.


"PRC" by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


-initial release v0.1


If you want you can support my projects


Legal - Donating does not entitle you to any goods or services from me or this mod and all funds go directly to me through paypal to be used at my discretion.

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The name is off putting, but I'm not sure why...

For OP - looks nifty - seems we're almost in lockstep between MKS v KONQUEST and the Pack-Rat KAS'able Rover vs. KIKEA - GMTA ;)

I would however reconsider the name as I have had two folks I showed the vid to cringe because it is very close to a racial slur (I'm sure it was not the intent, just an unfortunate coincidence)

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I would however reconsider the name as I have had two folks I showed the vid to cringe because it is very close to a racial slur (I'm sure it was not the intent, just an unfortunate coincidence)

We're Russians, we wouldn't know. :P

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Looks great, can't wait to try it out! I also agree that the name is a poor choice, why not stick with ASET? Or at least something space related.

Real life Ikea is suing there own fan sites, I wouldn't name anything after a company that treats its own fans that way.

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I guess the racial slur would depend on the pronunciation. I pronounced it like IKEA (KI*KEA), so didn't get the slur. If it's KIK*EA, that would be a different story.

...I was the one who suggested the name, and, well... I don't get which racial slur do you mean regardless of pronunciation. ^^;

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Outstanding work, definitely in line with the modeling quality we have all come to know from ASET projects, cant wait to give it a go.

Would it be worth the time to consider doing up your own small radial attach battery to replace the stock 150's that you have mounted on the sides? Nothing against the stock batteries (other than the green lightbulb...) but they seem cartoonish compared to your style of art.

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Cant wait to see how you got a 3 person rover in that box, just marvelous all the same:cool:

I'm sure the assembly instructions will include a tin full of string, a harmonica, a goat, and someone to stand off to the side gesturing wildly as to why you brought a goat along on a lunar expedition. The harmonica is for keeping the goat entertained.

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