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failing contracts = unlimited funds


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You call it funny fraud - I call it pointless feature. Cause that's what it is: 4 months spend on a 2 big features that are basically: meaningless to the gameplay and only introduce additional clickfest cause in no way it limits anything you can do. SSTO, reusable components, etc - are just a waste of time, cause any reward you get from them is meaningless in comparison to what you can get while being bankrupt.

This x1000

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This is the single most realistic thing I've ever seen in a video game.

Drink -> Nose -> Keyboard. XD

This isn't a lot of work at all. Take all contracts. Make a blingship that uses every kerbuck you have and sit it on the runway/launchpad. Cancel contracts, can't get blood from a stone. Recover blingship. Profit.

It even works in "Hardcore mode", no saves or reverts are required.

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OR , you play the game.

OR , you play some other game.

OR , you do something else.

For me, playing KSP without the funds aspect, is pointless as i need to have some limitating aspect in game.

( i use ALT+F12 , disabled quicksave/load and rollbacks to launch and planning stage )

AND as i know where the game falls short , in some aspects of the contracts, I DO NOT ABUSE THEM.

Abusing a game and its mechanics and then crying about it is OK, to a point. (to show people/devs where the problem is so they can fix them).

ATM, the game is highly enjoyable in the way i play it, only thing missing is food/air for my ships and space stations and it would be perfect for me.

Kerbux ! where art thou ! , played like 6 hours doing missions nonstop and i have like 600 000 extra funds/Kerbux

=)<insert pleasure="" stuff="" here=""></insert>

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The more complex a game, the more you need roleplay/house rules to make it competitive/fun.

As Scott Manley and other have shown, you can get above 2500 science on your first mission. Or you can place temperature probes in all orbits for science contracts. Or do the bankruptcy thing. Or just hyperedit.

From my point of view, unmodded game mechanics can be loose to cater to a wide audience. For specific stuff, there are mods (deadly reentry anyone?) and house rules.

Give them time. Theres a difference between introducing a new mechanic/system/element and making sure its balanced/rewarding.

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The Attorney for Rocketdyne would like to have a word with you. Hopefully you have a good law team, and hopefully they're a good defense. We'll see you in court, mister.

Being part of KermanSachs, we do not need good lawyers, we make our lawmakers to change the law itself.

In other words, we do not play in the sandbox, we shape the sandbox for you to play in (for a small fee of course).

By the way, Rocketdyne still needs gov contracts, do they?

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Maybe future versions could allow you to go in the red and eventually have Kerbodyne lawyers repossess your buildings until you pay them back. They would start with your science building so you can't advance through the tech tree, then work their way to the other buildings until the Kerbodyne company completely owns the space program (you lose the game).

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Next contract: Rescue a Nigerian Prince who's totally stuck in orbit. You will be richly rewarded.

Oh man, this contract should appear each time player goes below 100 funds left.

In case anyone ever tries to make any exploits related to bankrupcy - this will be his punishment.

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