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Rate That User Title (With a detailed reason)


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8/10 TL;DR: Not the mud girl!

Detail: (wrote it fast so its quality is a bit shameful)

mythbusters844 1


Mr. Sun

KSP Forums

17 September 2014



Have you ever seen someone with a fetish of something? A user on the "Kerbal Space Program" forums does! The user "Sun" has an unusual attraction to this substance, which started with an avatar of a muddy girl. This quickly expanded


into multiple usages of the muddy girl picture on a forum game. His "user title" even makes reference to this addiction with the usage of "The Mud Girl (yep)". On a scale of 1-10, I rate his title an 8 because it reflects his interests, provides

insight on his actions, and is creative.


Sun's user title receives an 8/10 because it illuminates his interests. For example, he has a profile picture of a muddy girl. This shows that Sun likes mud. This is important because it is consistent with the fact that he adores mud, as


stated in his user title. Also, he states in his forum signature that a film of a muddy girl is the best video on YouTube. This effectively displays that Sun very much likes everything that has to do with mud. This is significant since it proves that

Sun's user title reflects his love: mud. Therefore, Sun's interests are reflected in his user title, which is why he receives an 8/10.

Sun's interests are not the only things that are illustrated in his user title. It also gives insight on his actions, which is also why his title received an 8/10. This is said because Sun posted many pictures of a muddy girl on "Google Picture


War RELOADED", a forum game on the forums, as a counterattack to the previous user's pictures. This obviously shows that Sun's actions are controlled by his obsession with mud. This is significant since it displays that Sun’s user title provides

reason on these actions. Also, Sun took action and linked a video of a mud-covered girl in his signature. This definitively shows that Sun lets his mud obsession guide his action. This is very important since it clearly shows that Sun's user title

does indeed reflect his actions. For these reasons, Sun's user title provides reason for his actions, which is why it contributed to the 8/10 rating.


Sun's user title does not only display why he executes some actions, it also is creative. For example, as of 17 September 2014 0208 UTC, there is no other known forum user on KSP Forums that has a clear mud fetish. From this, you can

conclude that Sun's mud fetish is definitively unique. This is extraordinary because it clearly displays that since Sun's love of mud is unique, his user title is also unique. Also, the way that he described his mud obsession by saying he is the "mud

girl" is in itself very creative, since as of 17 September 2014 0208 UTC, there is no other known forum user on KSP Forums that identifies his/herself as the "mud girl". This illuminates the fact that calling one's self the "mud girl" is very unique.

This is exciting since it is proof that Sun's user title is creative. As a result, Sun's user title was well thought out and creative and is why it deserved his 8/10.

Sun's user title was not plucked out of thin air, but was selectively created, which is why it receives a 8/10. It displays his interests by describing his adoration for mud. It also openly provides reason on his actions by telling the forum that


he loves mud. Finally, it is a creative user title since no other forum member has chosen it. However, just because Sun has chosen this user title and claimed himself as a mud lover doesn't mean we can't learn. By looking at Sun's excellent

character and the 8/10 received by his mud obsession, we can conclude that maybe mud does indeed have benefits for the entirety of humanity. So, what are you doing? Get muddy!

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Grading Rubric, Forum Thread "Rate That User Title (With a detailed reason)"

Class Instructor: Iron Crown, Red

Grading TA: Galaxy, Greening

Student Name: mythbusters844

Overall effort: 10 / 10

Formatting: 2 / 5


Clarity of rating: 5 / 5

Detail of rationale: 4 / 10

Objectivity: 4 / 5

Structure: 2 / 5

Overall coherence: 7 / 10

Total: 34 / 50 - 68% (D+)

Other comments:

Although the student showed a strong and consistent knowledge of the topic at hand, their poor

organization and frequent repetition of previously-stated facts served only to detract

from the overall readability of the piece. The student also made a significant number of

unsubstantiated assumptions regarding the subject matter of the paper, to the extent that

such generated ideas composed a substantial portion of the content. While the student did

cite one source, this fell short of the class requirement of five.

I would encourage the student to seek further writing assistance in the future. Ms. Greening

Galaxy can be reached in her office from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM CDT, and the KSPU Writing

Center is open twenty four hours a day.

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Humorous enough, but seems to imply that you're prone to starting arguments with TheCanadianVendingMachine. Also probably makes GregroxMun get irritated to a greater or lesser degree, which is not wholly a bad thing because that kind of thing just motivates him to come out with more hilarities for the HypeTrain (see "quadruple track drifting"). :D

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