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Pro Props - Wearable items for your kerbals. Updated to KIS!

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That screen made me smile so big =D You seem to doing grwat progress! Also the full view helmet you made are so delightfull, esp using tin the force iva mod. Well bokmark your thread for the future. Yes i want to get back to modding ksp, you can get so easly overwhelmed with what you can do, what you want do etc. Cheers for the reply!

totally! my mind is blowing. I wake up with 3 Ideas, and I get 2 more during the day. every day. at least I can forget them some times. haha. so I decided to focus on speed, not quality. which is difficult, because I tend to be perfectionist. (that helmet could be improved, for example the base is a little crappy, and I could ad some alpha layer, to with textures some one could do a virtual HUD inside of it.)

Mountain Dew! Now we need sandwiches. By longstanding tradition, my Kerbals consume sandwiches and Mountain Dew. :D

this thread is my ideas list. so, pile it up!.

I am finishing a bread today. so, you add your ham. haha

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Bereet and baugette =D Haha! Hoow will the items be stored? Like, will they internally be parts of the kerbals when "stored"? And if so can you set an limit to how many things one kerbal can have?

I am currently using KAS. for that image I attached the beret to the helmet.

the coming system will have inventory

Stormtrooper helmet would be pretty awesome.

added to the list. If you are in a hurry, use the Mask Type A. it is up there.

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Your work is awesome and so silly. Love it. Already used some stuff in my videos and will do it in the new ones.

And when you make Stormtrooper Helmets, don't forget Darth Vader's Helmet.

Maybe you could make a full costume to wear for the Kerbals? That would be hilarious.

Also I already suggested in your Isaac Kermen Helmet thread, to make some wearable necromorph limbs/arms from the dead space games. So we can shoot some aliens with the weapons. :wink:

Wow, and now a new idea pops out. The head of the alien from the Alien movies?

And one last question for now, do you or anyone else know if it would be possible to grab multiple parts?

Sorry for so much wishes, I'm just excited. :D

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Snazzy! I was thinking about the peristance (hope i spelled that right) I have a vauge memory seeing an disabled thing for this way back in kas, this may be removed now. But when you get back to your vessel, the kerbals are stored there, can you do the same for kas objects you think? So when your eva again your helmet is where you left it so to speak. So far all your helmets are the correct positions for me, i love removing the vanillia one and grabbing your all glass view one from an universal container :D

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Pls do a 2001: A Space Odyssey space helmet.

added to the list

Maybe you could get the Snacks logo that Porkjet uses, and make a bag of Snacks?

you can do it. open the folder of the part. there is a image there. you can edit it.

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