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  1. Amazing work as always Though it seems like the antiproton storage ring ought to at least be protected by some kind of foil on the truss structure.
  2. I'm pretty sure he said that it was intended for retrieving satellites from orbit. Considering that it was an airforce project, it could be used against enemy spy satellites, bringing them back so they can be analyzed. Or it could simply be bringing the satellite down so as to take it out of commission in a way that creates no debris.
  3. I find it odd that the loading screen splash text "adding K to every word" planted this idea in everyone's head, but in-game hardly anything has a K added to it. I feel like the proper way to "Kerbalize" a name is just to make it silly.
  4. I think they refer to it as an ion drive in promotional material for the film because, to the layman, the technologies aren't super different. Plus a lot of people have probably already heard about ion engines from fiction and from the Dawn probe.
  5. Those windows on the centrifuge module were the only things that looked out of place on the Hermes. Some people still seem to think that a crew needs big windows in the living area of their spacecraft. Honestly I think that the constantly spinning view of nothing but the void for months on end would actually cause more harm to the crew than good.
  6. If it's possible, I think that the nuclear reactor and ion drive/plasma thruster would benefit from using Near Future pluggins Also, unrelated to the mod, I'm puzzled by the habitat ring. How were they supposed to have launched those modules? I suppose they could have been broken down into pieces, but that would require a level of in-orbit construction that we haven't done before.
  7. I haven't been playing Kerbal nearly as much as I thought I would, but I'm still making slow progress on getting everything ready for this mission One thing that's been delaying me is that I had originally intended to use A.S.E.T.'s Exploration Rover for this series, but Roverdude's Karibou Expedition Rover has a more stock-alike look that might go well with other mission components. It also has the added benefit of integrated landing thrusters. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on which rover they'd rather see.
  8. It seems like this mod isn't getting the attention it deserves. It looks great
  9. If the Kerbin Octopus is any indication, life on Kerbin resembles many life forms on earth, just with big googly eyes and oversized heads.
  10. It would be especially interesting if you could create a custom space center styled after an underground launch silo, sheltered from the heat and radiation
  11. I've also heard that it could be used as a heat shield if you plan on landing the whole craft as a one-way colony shot to mars
  12. Only if the rock has enough mass to have a substantial gravitational field itself. Even then it would be negligible, only slightly faster than the feather. There should be videos of actual vacuum chamber tests that show that objects fall at the same speed.
  13. Oh wow, these came out great Thank you! I haven't been able to do one bit of maintenance on that pack.
  14. Thanks! I also nearly forgot to show off the centrifuge in action, so I made a .gif I didn't balance the counter-spinning weighted centrifuge very well (I forgot that the arms would count as more massive since they were further from the center) so it tends to spin a bit after I turn the centrifuge on, but it eventually stabilizes.
  15. Remember, the fluids sloshing around their heads mean that they can barely taste anything up there. I would assume that they wouldn't be able to taste something like lettuce at all.
  16. Its been a long while since I stopped updating my Kerbco Launch Systems mission report series. You can probably guess that a lot of real life stuff got in the way, and though I have been continuing to play KSP off and on, I didn't feel motivated to maintain a series like that anymore. But I've decided to change that, because I've got a plan. My eyes are on the red planet. I've constructed a mothership in Kerbin orbit, losely based on the design of the Ares 3 from the upcoming film The Martian. I've used more mods than I care to count, including Infernal Robotics to spin the huge centrifuge arms, rotate the satellite dishes, and to give it an articulated robotic arm. In addition to the mothership (name still undecided) to carry the crew to Duna and back, my mission plan also calls for a lander, hab, and rover to be sent to Duna separately, and an ISRU lander to harvest Hydrogen from Ike for the return to Kerbin. This will not be a career mode mission, and there won't be any science to collect (except in the narrative of the episodes) I'm not sure when I'll be getting around to the first installment, but I'm considering adding some video to the episodes so it may take me a bit to learn. I just hope I'm not getting in over my head with this one.
  17. You don't necessarily determine that directly But if you find 3 or more large fragments that all date to the exact same time, that would certainly suggest it.
  18. None of the anchoring systems were able to deploy correctly
  19. But every object we find that matches the composition of the earth and moon would add credibility to the theory. We may find that there's more out there than could be accounted for by more mundane impacts in earth's history. We may also find that all those fragments solidified at about the same time.
  20. Meaning that some would have impacted the earth and moon, but a lot of others would just have been scattered.
  21. The giant impact hypothesis has been one of the best explanations for the formation of the Moon, and it occurs to me that the theory could be proven if we found fragments of the collision. However, I haven't seen anyone use this as justification for missions to near earth objects and other asteroids. Am I missing something, or would these fragments still be relatively common and easy to identify from their composition?
  22. He thinks that it would be bad for them to know about us, but it would be in our best interest to know about them. It's... sort of a double standard, in a thousand years or so we could be dangerous to less advanced aliens. But you can't blame anybody for looking out for humanity first.
  23. I'm okay with the classification as long as schools teach kids about all the dwarf planets.
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