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  1. Abaddon is broken in the latest version, because the files for Bakaron are missing. This means that updating from an older version works fine, but a fresh install breaks the mod. You should probably fix that.
  2. You have to right click on the bin and activate it first.
  3. Looks exactly like the markers from the gamma ray spectrometer in the KSP Interstellar mod. https://github.com/FractalUK/KSPInterstellar/wiki/Gamma%20Ray%20Spectrometer
  4. Also, Alt+Enter will toggle fullscreen in most applications, including KSP.
  5. KSP was made in the Unity3d game engine, which uses Javascript, Boo, or C#. Kerbal Space Program uses C#.
  6. This sounds pretty interesting. I'd love to be able to do this, and I'd be willing to host if it would be faster than unwisemonk hosting it.
  7. For people complaining about crashes, try changing the texture quality option in the options menu. If you can't play the game, the option can also be accessed through the launcher. I was suffering from frequent crashes, and not being able to add any more mods, but changing that option fixed everything, and made the game use much less RAM.
  8. Einstein, Newton and Pascal are all playing hide and seek, and it's Einstein's turn to seek. As Einstein begins counting, Pascal runs off and hides behind a bush. However, Newton doesn't move. He simply draws a one meter by one meter box in front of Einstein and stands in the middle of it. Einstein finished counting, opened his eyes, and said, "There you are Pascal!" Meanwhile, Heisenberg, who had joined mid-way through, runs around shouting his exact velocity.
  9. I use my joystick for planes in the atmosphere, and the keyboard for everything else.
  10. http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/HOWTO-importObjectLightwave.html
  11. A better place would be a new folder in C:, like C:\Games. I've also heard you should copy it, not move it.
  12. As long as you only use it for personal use and don't share it, I think you can modify it without permission, but I'm not sure. If you intend on sharing it, you should probably find a way to contact Sherbetlemons to ask for permission. The last time he was on was August 6th, so it seems that he drops by every once in a while.
  13. It might be a better idea to ask ferram instead of the developers. He's probably spent more time on aerodynamics in the Unity engine than them, and most likely has more free time.
  14. I think I remember reading that expansions would be things that are significant gameplay changes, and not just content packs. Examples could be interstellar travel, extremely detailed science, like cellular astrobiology, or something that adds space elevators, mass drivers, and other semi-near future tech. Things that let the game be played in ways it wasn't able to before. I would certainly pay 30 dollars or more for something that adds a whole new dimension of gameplay, even if I'm getting the expansions free already. I don't think enough people realize that Squad is a really good company, who cares about the community and won't jump at any new opportunity to make a buck or two. They wouldn't do anything that benefits them more than it benefits the community.
  15. Well, these YouTubers are a part of what is called the "Media Group". They are chosen by Squad to get early access to experimental versions so that they can make videos. The groups who get early releases are the QA team, who get nightly builds, then the experimental team, who get experimental builds, and lastly the media group, who get release candidates. Back before 0.13, experimental releases were public. However, they were changed to a closed experimental sometime during the 0.14.x development, because, as you said, "it will be filled with game-braking bugs that will piss off more people than is expected of a more refined model for release". The only way to get access now is the join one of the groups mentioned above. The easiest to join is the experimental team, but application periods only come once every few releases and they only take applicants over 18 for legal reasons.
  16. There are also reports of a save converter, so as long as you don't go diving into too many mods, your saves should be safe for the update.
  17. I came across while browsing youtube. Downloaded the game, then at version 0.11, as soon as the video ended. When 0.14 was near, I bought the game (for $7, it was cheap back then! I almost wish I had paid more.) as soon as I could convince my parents.
  18. If you don't want to see spoilers about the game's easter eggs, you may not want to watch this, but did it sound like ?
  19. 1/10 I don't remember your username, but your signature seems familiar.
  20. If I remember correctly, they were turned off a month or two ago due to security concerns.
  21. Assuming you are using a mac, you can fix this by going to your username's folder, then to Library, then to Saved Application State. Find the folder called unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program.savedState and delete it. The Library folder may be hidden. If so, you will need to open terminal and enter "chflags nohidden ~/Library".
  22. If I remember correctly, the new patcher won't be using .net, for better compatability with linux and mac.
  23. I'm having the exact same problem. I've got no clue how to solve it too.
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