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  1. I'm having the same issue as this individual was. Was there ever any resolution found for this?
  2. So I’ve been spending the past 2 weeks (maybe more) building a ship and trying to send it out to Eeloo. Between docking issues, VAB issues, struts auto rebuilding themself, loss of fuel during transfers, minute long freezes while landed on Eeloo, orbital inclination changes after reloading an autosave, and complete loss of trajectory line… my save file has finally bit the bullet. My last issues was I couldn’t make maneuver nodes, the game soft crashed, and I had to sign out of my computer because it wouldn’t close in task manager. Upon returning to the game there no option to load the save, as if I just started the game for the very first time. From my point of view, maybe something can be learned from my save file? Is there any interest from the development team to study my save files and perhaps glean some information? **Update** It appears that deleting the last couple of quick saves has made the campaign file come back for me. Going to keep testing this for a while.
  3. There is probably a lot of things you enjoy that other people would hate and vice versa. That's just how people are.
  4. I'm currently just checking out the surrounding planets to see what they are like. Granted I have not made much progress because I have been building an interplanetary ship with 9 XL Hydrogen tanks to fuel it. If I am going to have a grand tour of the solar system I want to do it in style. But yes sandbox mode is very boring and I avoided it for most of my time playing KSP1, while having the freedom to build whatever I want was nice I needed a reason to explore. Having challenges and limitations gave me something to strive for. Sandbox mode is mostly fun for people who just want to build pretty ships and not be limited in the parts selection or people who just want to see the planets and not have to put time into unlocking parts. I feel the game will truly begin to shine when science mode is unlocked with a tech tree, more parts, interstellar travel, colonies, multiplayer, and when a ton of mods come out (hopefully one for career mode).
  5. Finally completed my ship to explore Eeloo (and other planets as I see fit). It's designed to have replaceable hydrogen tanks and will shed empty ones along it's trip.
  6. I got it to work. Even though it said the ship was destroyed it really didn’t? Jumped back to KSC and back to the ship and it was fine but kinda stuck. Used time warp and it slowly separated until I was finally free. I wanted to add 9 total tanks to this ship but I will settle for 3. Welp, off to Eeloo.
  7. It’s worth a shot. I’ll give it a try.
  8. @Elfmazealso please note that if you dock with another ship, there is a high possibility that the detached struts will reconnect with the detached struts on the main vessel. This has happened to me several times now and have completely ruined some ships for me. If you try to undock the entire vessel explodes.
  9. @ElfmazeWhat you are describing is a long standing issue going back to KSP1 over a decade ago. From my memory you can't connect multiple connections at 2 (or more) different points. It will see one as a legitimate connection and the rest are "hanging" so to speak. I do not believe this was ever solved in KSP1. Here is a good example for you:
  10. Here you can see first hand with what I am dealing with. I've been trying to attach these large spherical tanks in orbit and the vessel I am doing this with has merged it's struts with the main vessel I am working on. If I try to disconnect from the ship in any way, the whole ship destroys itself. Until this is patched, I'm essentially unable to continue my playthrough with this ship.
  11. This one has been the bane of my existence. I keep trying to assemble parts in orbit and the disconnected struts try to "reconnect" to other struts on the main vessel. It's really bizarre and aggravating, since it causes my ship to explode if I try to detach now.
  12. It'll get fixed, don't worry. I would say the game is getting close to where the first game was when it first came out.
  13. If you are referring to "AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\InsertSaveFileNameHere" then no, I do not have any Windows Security warnings coming up. Idk, things are currently a mess. It's a bit better than it was before the patch but it still has a ways to go. I'm just hoping the devs pick up on this soon on the next patch coming up. Sorry, I feel your pain too in all this.
  14. Well I tried to make my ship just a bit different so I could get it into space and it worked! I finally got into space and defeated the VAB floor demon!... And then when I got into my stable orbit I realized the game deleted my main ship I was assembling in LKO. So yeah, I am not playing this game for a while. Saying I am frustrated is an understatement after hours of work flushed down the toilet.
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