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  1. I raise the forward deflector fields to maximum, deflecting the LASERS away from my Warship. The LASERS are now heading straight for the next poster.
  2. I use my incredible strength to hold up the enterprise and stop it from crushing me. I then proceed to hurl the enterprise at the next poster.
  3. This looks like it is going to be a very good mod, I love the Fold-out wings and the Blimp gas bag with the solar panels on top. +Rep
  4. If you haven't heard or seen, Macey Dean is a youtuber who used to make massive flagships with missiles and fighters using Stock KSP in 0.20, after months and months of waiting, it now seems he has returned to youtube.
  5. I teleport everyone in the world to my current location the nanosecond I explode. Next poster has to survive.
  6. I hope lots of the bugs get fixed in the next version. One bug that annoys me is that sometimes the fuel/resource in a scaled up part is not the right amount. Say it was done using symmetry, one tank on one side would have the right amount, the other would have only a little bit more than the normal part that was scaled. This is an extremely annoying bug.
  7. Any other ship/kerbal in the warp bubble, or any parts of the warping ship that is outside of the bubble, will explode violently. No no, don't worry! if all of your ships were destroyed, this wouldn't be a very popular mod, no? This mod has more than one part
  8. Is this updating to 0.90 anytime soon? I need my tracks and anti-grav repulsors
  9. In-case you have not been reading the thread, Bahamuto is away in the Philippines and Hawaii, and because of this he cannot update BDarmory.
  10. You have to be at a certain orbit above the planetary body before you can use the warp drive.
  11. I believe the smaller cannon is supposed to fire 2, since it is double barrel. However, the larger cannon only has one barrel but fires 2 projectiles at once.
  12. All of the guns, unguided rocket pods, laser and the space missile all work in space. Bombs and all the other missiles don't work at all.
  13. BahamutoD Said that he will work on more Sci-Fi stuff at a later date and work on modern weapons, but the Seismic Bomb was a great idea. As for it being OP, it is not Too OP. The direction of the explosion is completely random, meaning it may hit your own ship when it goes off, or miss everything.
  14. That's because RoverDude said the next update is not coming out until 0.90
  15. In the youtube vid description he said that he will work on Sci-Fi stuff later, but making a seismic charge was too good to pass up.
  16. Yes, big massive triple-barreled cannons would be badass, but making sea-faring vessels, especially large ones, is pretty impractical. I wold prefer if the main focus for weapons is still for aircraft, land vehicles and space vehicles. However, Spanners Boomsticks contains a few weapons from navy vessels, so maybe you could give that a spin.
  17. I am in space, so all of those animals cannot get to me to attack me. The next poster must survive a boxing match with Mike Tyson.
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