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  1. how do i use the planet packs with this? where do i put them? just install them normally? or what?
  2. Honestly, I haven't had time to check. Last time I touched KSP was 0.90, and I doubt I'm going to have time anytime soon
  3. does kopernicus add them in different orbits(like this mod)? i want new stars, but not new stars around Kerbol
  4. you can still do that. Revert to VAB and then load again. should do it.
  5. I really would love for this to happen in kopernicus. I just simply don't have the time, skill or patience to take it much further than this. if people want to port it PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do. I would love you forever, and used it every day.
  6. tgat is what will happen, however plant art is from Kragathea(All of corbos planets) and Dooz(all of Dolas' planets) the characteristics orbits and layouts have been modified by me. My only real contribution was managing to get it working with the career mode yes. I will keep that plug in up to date. Also down the road, port the planets to kopernicus when it seems stable enough for a hack like me to muck in this retains the stock system untouched, so the changes are all late game. You may find roverdude's warp drive a touch slow, but it is a fantastic mod. You can edit its warp factor up to I think 10 or 11 before it starts scattering you across deep space. If you are running close to your RAM limit after this, I'd recommend conventional rocketry and a 60year long voyage instead of burning a warp drive the whole way. Even interstellar's drive takes a day and a half at top speed to reach the closest stari hope you enjoy it though!
  7. Medsouz has taken over star systems, he's updated it for 0.90 and is maintaining it. This is just an aggregate mod that takes some Planet factory stuff, builds up some solar systems and distributes it as a single package, with edited .cfgs people were looking for a single instal package, so I took the two(with creator permission, Medsouz even helped me) and pushed this out. Content is still PF+Star systems. This is just a distribution of my configuration
  8. Yeah, that won't tell me much, I wouldn't understand them, lol. I'll check the downloads. Maybe curse uploaded weird.
  9. Thanks! What at have you issues? I've seen a few people have install issues that eventually got fixed. I'd love to try and address the problem if possible!
  10. Good to know. I've only tested with a limited range, and unfortunately don't know enough to do mod compatibility. it does work with b9, ATM, interstellar, and better atmospheres. That's all I know for sure
  11. This is one that's under known issues, if you hit revert to VAB/SPH, and launch again, it SHOULD resolve.
  12. interesting. the first people to get it working had it working on linux without ATM. perhaps try without Active texture management? unless you didn't install that either. no idea how to debug, sorry
  13. definately looks right... that is really really strange.you installed everything else first and then this right?(not that it should impact that) and have the planet's turned on? if so, i'm at a total loss.
  14. i haven't had any conflicts with mods, but who knows? i know very little about how things will interact. as to what happens, try loading the game, going the the launch pad, and then reverting back to the VAB even if you have started in apparently the right spot. then launch again. this has solved any actual physics weirdness for me so far. also when you first start the game, go to the tracking station, and make sure everything is where it should be first.
  15. black hole is a real body. it's a 'star' in the middle. it's just small and has 77000 solar masses. when on the map screen hit tab to cycle targets, until you reach it. then zoom in to have a look.
  16. no other mods other than ATM are required, and EVE is just recommended. Are you running any other mods? such as Kopernicus? something else may be breaking it.if they aren't showing up, i'm 99% certain it's going to be an install issue. I posted this for someone else who ended up installing on a clean install and it worked. if nothing there is working, can you do me a favour and post a screenshot of your KSP directory?
  17. It hasn't given me issues, but honestly I haven't tested it extensively. The warp drive radiator, electric generator and green reactors worked, and that's all I was using in sandbox, as it's all that applied to this mod for me. I didnt test anything else. By compatible, I meant it didn't hurt my install of this mod.
  18. Not sure what FF is, sorry. I haven't tested any comparability outside this, B9, interstellar and better atmospheres. You are welcone to try, but back up stuff first!
  19. Awesome! It works with better atmospheres, which part of is an extension of EVE, so it SHOULD work, but it haven't tested it, so no guarantee.
  20. couple potential problems 1. on the loading screen(the one where Jeb Bill and Bob show up, the initial one with the yellow loading bar) there will be a unity action window(grey, round corners, transparent) it will have a picture of some planets and two options "Sentar Expansion" and "Kaiser System" beside each one will be a check box, make sure that both are 'checked' the inside of the box should turn white. this turns them on. if this box isn't showing up, you likely installed into the wrong folder for that, see step 2 2. installed into the wrong folder. make sure that you drag and drop the GameData folder contained in the .zip into your KSP directory(for me it's ...steam>steamapps>common>KerbalSpaceProgram) drop it there, not into the already existing GameData folder, as you want to merge them. you can tell if it installed correctly by opening your existing GameData folder at ...KerbalSpaceProgram>GameData and looking for the folders: PlanetFactory and Star Systems. if neither, or only one, are there, retry your install. 3. Finally, make sure you are running KSP 0.90, and if that fails, try a clean install(never hurts) if none of that fixes it, let me know!
  21. I was just wondering, as the eve atmosphere creates that thick bright blue colour, that is supposed to mask the surface(like the planet eve) as to the actual problem, I'll try to look at it, but as I'm just using the plate with permission, I'm not sure if I know how to fix it :s this might be a 'wait for kopernicus' fix sadly
  22. Are you using better atmospheres? I personally just started having this problem too. I'll look into it, but no guarantees I will have a clue his to fix it
  23. hmmm, this should have been fixed in the latest update. Are you using the newest one?
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