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  1. Sorry, I thought becusae they were both flight related, they go to the same person or something. It's my 1st time creating bug reports, I didn't realise they actually took a bit of effort to do.
  2. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: see attached dxdiag | CPU: see attached dxdiag | GPU: see attached dxdiag | RAM: see attached dxdiag Hi, Thankyou SOOOOO much that I can now even play the game on a slightly lesser spec-ed PC with 2.0! Every now and then I press X to turn off engines, or drag to Zero with mouse and it does for a split second, then powers up full. Nearly all the time I press Cntrl to lower my throttle and it cuts right out. I have to reload and on a random reload it works fine. Every now and then the Space key does not stage and I have to reload and on a random reload it works fine. Sev: Low Freq: High Kind regards, Nic Included Attachments: FlySafeOrbital.json DxDiag.txt .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  3. Me: write me a Mechjeb mod for KSP2 ChatGPT: Creating a MechJeb mod for Kerbal Space Program 2 requires a comprehensive understanding of modding in Unity and familiarity with the KSP2 modding framework. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Kerbal Space Program 2 has not been released, and therefore, the specifics of modding for that game are not available. Nevertheless, I can provide you with a general outline of how a MechJeb mod could be developed for KSP2. Please note that this information is based on the mechanics of the original Kerbal Space Program game, and it may not accurately reflect the actual implementation in KSP2: Set up the modding environment: Install the necessary tools such as Unity and the KSP2 modding tools. Familiarize yourself with the modding documentation provided by the game developers. Create a new Unity project: Start by creating a new project in Unity using the KSP2 modding framework. Set up the necessary file structure for your mod. User interface (UI): Design and create the user interface for the MechJeb mod. This would include elements such as buttons, sliders, and text fields that allow players to interact with the mod. Flight assistance features: Implement the various flight assistance features provided by MechJeb. This can include autopilot functionality for launching, circularizing orbits, rendezvous, and docking. Additionally, implement features like maneuver planning, delta-v calculations, and ascent guidance. Information displays: Develop information displays that provide relevant data to the player. This can include orbital information, vessel statistics, and trajectory data. Scripting and logic: Write the necessary scripts to control the behavior of the mod. This involves handling user input, executing commands, and interacting with the game's mechanics. Testing and debugging: Thoroughly test the mod to ensure it functions as intended. Debug any issues or errors that arise during testing. Packaging and distribution: Once the mod is complete and fully tested, package it for distribution. Create an installation package that players can easily install in their KSP2 game directories. Remember that the modding process for KSP2 might differ significantly from the original Kerbal Space Program, as the game developers might introduce new modding frameworks and tools. Be sure to consult the official documentation and community resources specific to KSP2 modding for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Me: so do it please? ChatGPT: I apologize for any confusion, but as an AI text-based model, I cannot directly create or develop a mod for you. Modding requires hands-on programming and development skills, which I, as a language model, do not possess. However, I can still try to assist you by providing guidance and answering any specific questions you might have about modding in general or the development process for MechJeb mods. Feel free to ask any specific questions, and I'll do my best to help you. Me: forget it.....
  4. Hi Mike, I ran the the AMD mectric overlay and logger and found the GPU Utility and GPU VRAM Utility are maxxed out, CPU only gets up to 50-60%, and all on 1280x720 res from rocket taking off. Again everything off that "may increase performance", and rest all on low detail, but distance still draws incredibly far and with detail that makes me think the display settings are lying. Less than 50 services, and its the DRM free version off their website, not steam or epic. So disappointing Kind regards, Nic
  5. Hi, I have every graphics setting down low and my PC struggles with slow gameplay, which is sad because turned down, it should work. This includes the enviromental settings all low, but the game is still drawing incredible resolution way off into the curved distance of the horizon. Surely if we can have a enviromental setting that gives us a low draw distance.... I don't give a crap about how good the view is, I just want to fly i5-6500, 16GB RAM, AMD RX6500XT 4GB Kind regards, Nic Hudson
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