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  1. Hey @Alphathon, great to see, that someone is still working on the workshop since I stopped working on it so many years back. It came a long way and I love your additions and plans. Keep up the great work!
  2. @RoverDude I did not know that this is something that needs to be turned on. maybe that helps. Let me check real quick. Of course that helped. Maybe I need to takea closer look at the documentation next time. thank you very much and keep up the good work.
  3. Hey all, I have a weird issue on my current science mode game. Latest game version and latest USI Live Support Version installed. I am using the 2.5 meter command pod for three kerbals plus a hitchhiker with a crew of 3 kerbals. In the VAB the habitation time is shown as 200+ days and in flight it goes down to about 17 days. What am I doing wrong. I try to go to minmus and 7 seats including hitchhiker for three kerbals is not enough for the complete journey. You can find screenshots of the LS window in the VAB and right after launch. The Supplies time is down because recyclers do not run, but the difference in habitation time is weird to me. https://imgur.com/a/iTuEv05
  4. You should. It is like playing with your mod and without rockets launching. I came back to KSP after a year just because I played it and wanted to start a new MKS playthrough
  5. Yeah, I know that SM tries to mix RL tech with near future concepts and a little bit of sci fi. I just ask because they chose the same layer of abstraction.
  6. @RoverDude did you assist haemimont games in making surviving mars? The buildings except for the domes sound very familiar and the complete economy system with metal, rare metal, machine parts, polymere etc is more or less a copy of what you invented for MKS.
  7. Hey guys, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am very happy that you still maintain the mod and that you where able to integrate the new models by enceos, they look gorgous. I still hope that maybe some day I can come back and work on this project again. It is one of the best things I ever did in my free time ;-) Keep up the good work and have a save flight.
  8. I just Gott a Messegelände mentioning this topic. I really like it. I had no time to Check the Source, but is it possible to consume the Filters themselves? I would love to add those Filters to the OSE Workshop to prevent having all mod parts in the none category.
  9. You can use the OSE Converter to extract Exotic Minerals and Rare metals from Dirt, both are used in some of the recipes. If you don't like it and know what you are doing you can change the configs to use whatever resources you like.
  10. Make sure to post some pics when you are done! It used to be. But since kerbalstuff is no longer available it will not work anymore. I need to update this and hop to include this in the next release
  11. This is already implemented. Take a look at the OSE_Recipes.cfg file in the game date folder. There are currently recipes for Ablator and SolidFueld. If a part has a resource where a recipe exists, the workshop will print the part including the maximum amount of fuel. I added SolidFuel and Ablator only because you cannot pump them in after the part is finished. It is intentional, that you can only print the part and need to add the resources later, but it would be game breaking in case of non pumpable resources, so I added it. Maybe those recipes are no longer complete or something changed in the way how resources are handled since I added the feature, but I supose that it should work. Try to print a SRB and you should have fuel in it.
  12. I did not yet build a version against ksp 1.2.1, but since this is only a bugfix release everything should still work as expected. The next release is due before christmas and will be for 1.2.1.
  13. OSE Workshop 1.1.0 has just been released - Updated to KSP 1.2 - Update to KIS 1.3 - Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when you navigate the Workbench - Added missing categories to workbench filter - Removed Module filter - Workbench will show the currently filtered category in the title - Fixed a bug that caused NRE when starting a new game - Fixed a bug that caused exceptions in the editor because of inventory detection
  14. Oh right... I made those things configurable as well. I thought those where still hard coded, my bad. Thank you for posting this Info
  15. No it is not. There used to be a check for LoadedSceneIsFlight. No Idea if that is missing. Looks like I need to get back to maintenance a bit earlier. I will do my best to find some spare time and take a look at all the 1.2 issues.
  16. You cannot do it ATM. We need to update the build in category filters. From the log provided it seems like the game runs out of memory because of the created icons. My guess at the moment is, that garbagge collection is not working fast enough or not at all because we messed something up twith the disabling. Need to check that as well.
  17. Even better. Just downloaded the 1.2 release from steam yesterday. I hope to check this out on the weekend. It looks like the best patch ever since release.
  18. I saw it and this request is also merged. Thank you again for your effort This looks amazing. I will make the changes in the config files to incorporate those images as soon as possible. hopefully before the next release by Angel-125 so they will be available in the next patch.
  19. The pull request is already merged. Thank you again for your help.
  20. Sounds good to me. Any chances I can take a look at the changes you did in the code while I was absent? I am very curious to see the crew efficiency thing, because it is the feature I postponed for the longest time. The part highlight and than select an inventory by clicking on it was my intention, too. I already had a prototyp for highlighting but did not figure out how to get where the player clicked. Good to here you already have something in place. Little spoiler for the improvements I planned
  21. Hi @Angel-125, thank you for taking over the maintenance of OSE Workshop, I really appreciate that. Unfortunately I was extremely busy in the last few months and it will continue for the rest of the year at least. I hope that I will be back in KSP early next year. The favor inventory option is the item from my to do list. I would prefer a centralized method to select the inventory, but this approach already works. It is not per part, but globally for the vessel. The crew efficiency feature should use the engineers repair trait and cut the production time, as you already proposed. While I was not able to program for OSE Workshop or play KSP I developed a ton of Ideas to enhance the mod. If you like, we can discuss those Ideas and maybe continue to work on them together in 2017?!
  22. You can take a look at the MM patch that adds the addon to the science lab and add the same patch for the lab you use. In the next update I will change it so that the addon will be added to all parts that have the science lab module and not only to specific parts. that should solve it as well.
  23. You need to have the 3D printer and a science lab on your vessel to print science parts. That was one of the changes in the last release. Unfortunately this will only allow background processing of the current item that is building and not the rest of the queue. So it is not that simple. The basic Idea is right i think, but the implementation is a bit more complicated.
  24. That is exactly whats happening. I am already trying things out to make the printing process work in the background. I hope I will get that done some times.
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