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  1. Question...... I already have a Flight Plan V0.9.1 in my KSP2 V1.5.1. I s this the same as the Flight Plan V0.9.1 on Space Dock that says it is for KSP2 V0.2.0?
  2. Latest Version still sav V0.4.3 not V0.4.4. As result it does not function under KSP2 V1.5.0.
  3. Downloaded KSP2 V1.15.1 and Flight Plan for V1.5.1 off Space Doc but Space Warp says it is wrong version. Same for Maneuver Controller.
  4. Just downloaded KSP2 V1.4.1....... Is there going to be a updated Flight Plan or will current version for V1.4.0 work?
  5. Is there a easy way to stop a craft's motion in relation to another craft. I have no trouble getting close to the other craft, but I still keep drifting away or the other craft drifts away.
  6. SCHLOSRAT I found "Kontrol_System_2". It does the launch, staging, and Circularization to put a craft into orbit. I will check out the Kesa Solar Mod.
  7. I found Kesa and installed it but when I look in the Electrical Tab, I don't see the new parts.
  8. SCHLOSRAT.....This only occurred with FP 0.8.11. I have now loaded 0.8.12 and no mor problem. What ever happen to the Module that would launch your craft, do staging, and put you into a circular orbit at the altitude that you wanted. It was very handy in getting ships into orbit.
  9. Also discovered that once I invoke it, I can not shut it down by clicking on the X in the top Right corner.
  10. Which Module allowed you to click one button and it would launch your craft, do the staging, and put you into orbit that you selected. I can not seem to find it.
  11. I have Flight Plan V0.8.11.4 installed in KSP2 1.4.0 and when I look in Mods, it says it is out of date.
  12. I discovered what I was doing wrong. I have it working and hopefully updated to the current items. Rendezous_Cheat_v0.1.3, K2-D2_v0.9.3, Community_Fixes_v0.4.2, Node_Manager_v0.5.7, Flight_Plan_v0.8.10, Lazy_Orbit_v0.5.3, KontrolSystem2_v0.4.2.1, Maneuver_Node_Controller_v0.9.6, Custom_Flags_v3.0, UitkForKsp2_v1.4.1, and Less_Wobbly_v1.0. Space_Wrap_v1.3.0.1
  13. Having problems getting Space_Warp_BepInEx V1.3.0.3 to work with KSP2 V1.3.1.1. Things have changed so fast, I seem to not know how to get it to work. Is there some kind of written guide that I can access?
  14. I made a new install and put Space_Warp_BepInEx- in KSP2 V0.1.3.1. having problem getting it to fire up. I did what I also did for a new install. First I ran the new version of KSP2, to make sure it ran. Then I installed current BepInEx and started KSP2. Let it go all the way to VAB and then did a Shutdown. I added my Mods and then refired the KSP2. When it gets to the Title Screen, there is NO MOD folder listing.
  15. The window comes up but is blank. Is there a module I need to add to my craft to get it to transmit Telemetry?
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