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  1. I have gathered further information on my bug with the 6.4x version of NH: Apparently Aptur sometimes passes through the Kerbin SOI, causing vessels in orbit around Aptur to switch SOI :( Just had my lander in low Aptur orbit (<200km) flung out, shortly followed by the mothership in a high orbit :P
  2. [quote name='Venusgate']KSP has music?[/QUOTE] This (and no option in the poll for it)
  3. Got a new problem Apparently the bug concerning the disappearing ships went from Mun to Aptur, lost my first orbiting satellite as well as a Kerbal awaiting rescue. Version should be 1.6.6, notable mod would be 64K
  4. Just wanted to say that I am currently playing NH with 6.4x and so far I am having a blast. (Stock engines and fuel tanks at 1/4 mass )
  5. Oh look at all those old pictures of Kerbin without clouds!
  6. This! And then, why did you not test it with FAR as well?
  7. Reputation does imho not matter, once my serran and sonnah satellites got teleported to different planets (thanks to an update), I got plenty of contracts for those 2 planets, where my satellites had arrived
  8. Well, actually I was hoping for this. I do not want 12km high mountains next to the KSC Just noticed that it is "just" a Kopernicus config, making my question obsolete
  9. Eddiew, I was just going to ask exactly the same question! I intend to play 1.1 with 6.4x NH, but I was wondering if it is even the current version of NH (as in, with fixed atmospheres ) (On difficulty: I am going to change the empty weight of all the fuel tanks and engines, in order to have a chance in career.)
  10. I believe I have figured out the issue of Transfer Window Planner. The final clue came from the fact that my Kerbin -> Serran calculation of today also showed NaN and stupid values. Apparantly this happens when the necessary escape velocity is more than you need to reach the target
  11. Okay, I guess I am just having the problem then because of the lack of tech.
  12. Today I ran into some issues with RemoteTech that got me wondering. Basically I was pointing a 40Gm Antenna towards Laythe (to check the size of the cone), and I noticed that it wouldn't even reach Laythe. Has anyone changed the stats for the antennae to compensate for the bigger system size, or what is your solution to the problem?
  13. Strangely enough, Aptur -> Kerbin is working as fine as any "normal" transfer On Kerbin -> Aptur: I also have "NaN" values, but also a lot of points (colored with different grey), which have values attached
  14. and if you would bother to use the mouse on the plot (which is a single color), you would have seen that the values are there... furthermore the ideal solution is displayed on default as always....
  15. It can and it does give you the optimum solution. For whatever the reason it cannot produce a plot though (Aptur -> Kerbin works totally fine in comparisson)
  16. My current design is able to take 2 tons into a 75x80 orbit. At least it is cheap, and I just want to exchange experiments/crew and bring spare parts with it
  17. I can confirm the solution to that problem, also hung on loading then noticed that I should probably update Kopernicus
  18. lol the changes sent a stranded kerbal (rescue mission) from Serran to Eli, since I got annoyed trying to land next to the Kerbal, I will try Eli
  19. Just switch between vessels, you don't have to do it with the same vessel I involuntarily finished this kind of a mission earlier like this
  20. Personally, I just downloaded the ribbons for Planet Factory (first post contains the download) and adjusted the config, it was surprisingly simple. (Atmosphere ribbons probably won't work correctly, but from what I am reading, they don't anyway )
  21. I am currently at a reputation of 87%, and no Explore Contracts outside of Sonnah.... I will soon send out a capsule into the Sun SOI, trying to trigger something
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