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  1. You mean there will never be a way to reference the controlled part in a script?
  2. Is the new (vessel:controlpart) included in this latest release?
  3. Please help, newbie How do abort a program, I can work out. Does every program need to run to the end? or can you abort it?
  4. Sorry if this is a basic question but how do I install mods that use module manager. So far I have just been using the lastest version of module manager.dll in the gamedata folder and it seems to generate the other files it needs. I think everything is working fine But my question is is it really that simple or am I supposed to do something else? How do I install a new mod, they often come with another module manager file that is less recent, do I need to do something with this? where is the information in the mod written for module manager?
  5. Does the requirement for a totally new version of the mod mean we will need to begin a entirely new career game to use the 1.1 version of the mod? OR could I purge my 1.05 game of any lebeau parts, save the game, and then carry on my 1.05 save to the new ksp 1.1 version of the game, and then fresh install your 1.1 version of the mod to use it?
  6. Great Mod thx I have a question, the info on the NKV says its a 5 man pod but it is actually a 4 man pod. However are also an NKIV and NKV interiors in the spaces folder but not viewable in the game is I suspect this is supposed to be the 5 man version of the NK for future devolpment? the info and part needs to be renamed to the NKIV I think
  7. I didnt mean it badly, its just the Author is obviously very busy, KSP 1.05 was released in October
  8. Is someone planning to take over this mod in the future?
  9. I know the actual.craft files are saved in the saves folder with the other VAB models. But where is the information regarding categories for those models kept. I like to keep my craft organized but when I cope over the game file to another instance of Kerbal these categories are never copied. I am wondering where that category information is saved?
  10. Do they all have the same resources relative to weight or should I scan them first, if so which scanner should I use?
  11. There are supposedly contextual contracts in 1.05 but I see no difference, I have 30+ ships, bases, sataelites etc in my game. I tried fast forwarding years, declining contracts. nothing works I havnt seen one contextual contract. Has anyone else seen one?
  12. I can only find it by going to the blue size section and looking under Mk3. If it isnt in the main function menu, Im wondering why?
  13. Which section of the function menu is the "Mk3 engine mount" in? I cannot find it. I can only find it by going to the blue size section and looking under Mk3. If it isnt in the main function menu, Im wondering why?
  14. Thx Another question, where are the settings for KER saved. Everytime I update the mod I have to go in and redo all off the windows and HUDs I like for each version. Is there a simpler way to streamline this? Maybe some file I can copy or bits of it to cut and paste for my settings?
  15. Its a credit to KER that Kerbal is impossible for me without it, is there any projected date for the release compatible with 1.05? Dont mean to be pushy
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