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  1. Isn't the map missing a stage in the Moho path? There's no eliptical orbit, it goes from flyby to circular orbit immediately? I'm wondering because a recent moho expedition of mine planned with generous deltav margins ended up having to use all landing fuel just to get into an eliptical orbit? Granted, moho is a poodle, a few degrees wrong on the trans-moho burn and your relative velocity is way up there. I think the capture burn was about 4500m/s for eliptical, 4900 for circular.
  2. Hi all. I was inspired by Hazardish stock tiltwing SSTO, and while I copyed the design from his speedbuild video, I cannot get the system working. The hinge is very kraken-prone, and often the wheels parially glitch outside the strut-circle - but most importantly, when re-docking the wing, only one port will dock and then the whole wing clips through everything else, the hinge mechanism included.
  3. My math and physics tells me my wings should either be completely fine, or blow up evenly/proportional to the stresses acting upon them - not a select few randomly dissapear when the other wings are fine. My math also tells me three evenly spaces inflatable heatshields shouldn't induce rotation to my craft. Also my physics tells me detatched heatshields should eventually come down, not spin forever in the air, kept up by some kraken force.
  4. Yeah, the chute-kraken I know too! By upscaling, I tripled the mass, and tripled the ammount of big-S delta wings attatched to the side fuselages. So the forces should remain the same, as each wing is still directly attatched to a fuselage, and the drag, distributed evenly on the wings should be equal provided the craft is not spinning around, which it's not. When keeping my heading with no roll, some wing on one side breaks but the other side it doesen't - which makes no sense! The drag and heating on both sides are equal! An intersting note is that it's always the same wings, that go poof, which leads me to believe it's a bug or otherwise strange code related phenomenon to the radial attatchment or something. It feels like the game tends to calculate some of these things in a "spikey" manner, heat is often fluctuating - easily visible on the engine parts, and I would assume other calculations work in a similar fasion.
  5. Rant warning: I'm trying to land a large plane and a lander on eve. Everything is the Mk3 and Big-S parts, so very good heat tolerances. I managed to land a smaller plane with the same lift/drag ratio, but upscaling it causes all sorts of weird effects - especially wings breaking off halfway through the atmosphere, sometimes without cause, sometimes due to structural failure, sometimes to G-forces exceeded (the plane is not rotating or anything). It feels like the game, when more parts are in play, tends to let things break esier if it struggles with the framerate and more complex parts (as in more partcounts). The aerodynamic forces are beyond what the game is designed to cope with. The forces acted upon my lander by the rear inflatable heatshield warped my craft - I had to reset the autostrutting to get the cockpit/top part aligned with the bottom again. There are no lander leg of the required sturdyness to land an eve lander - the engines are far better! The inflatable heatshield seems to be perfectly designed to keep a craft going sideways - you should not be required to build redicilous heat-shield parachute on top of the craft just to keep the correct end pointing towards space.
  6. I don't really buy that the mk1 nose cockpit is supposed to be for airplanes only - it has the docking window on the back!
  7. Woah, you launch a 90 ton plane to orbit with 3 engines? I would need at least six for that kind of weight!
  8. Hello all. Ive recently been refining my spaceplane building and flying (particularly cargo lifters), and come to a question regarding ascent profile. I normally keep a quite shallow ascent to keep the speed up for the rapiers to keep their 200+ Kn of thrust. When nearing the 10 Km mark, i try to gain as much speed as possible with a shallow climb. Now at what point do you switch the rapiers to close cycle mode? I've found that I can get up to 1520m/s depending on the heat tolerance of the parts used, but the last ~40m/s are gained very slowly. Am I better switching to close cycle at some point before this? And the main question: when switching to close cycle, do you pitch up, if so, how much? I've found that often I loose a lot of speed in the pitch manouvre, and I feel like I might just keep going straight (actually about 5-10 degrees of positive pitch)- the curvature of Kerbin and the speed you'redoing by now will guarantee you leave the atmosphere soon anyways.
  9. The winglets are disabled in all axis of control, ant not deployed. Here's the lander: http://imgur.com/79teBwD http://imgur.com/g8psFAs
  10. Clarification. It spins along it's own axis, it basically rolls. The correct end points towards the ground and space respectively.
  11. Most obvious on the inflatable one. That this is spawned from the Kraken itself! My eve lander have one below, and then three on strut segments on the top, to keep it pointing retrograde on the descent. But it starts spinning like mad, sometimes even breaking apart. And detatching the shields from any payload is a giant hazzle, they tend to hit parts of the rocket and break things. But the issue is also seen on another eve lander I made, avoiding the inflatable heatshield. How do you counter these spinning effects?
  12. Never had any wheel stress problems ever? What are you doing?
  13. I recently made my first eve ascent, and the lander was 24 tons, but that wouldn't lift off, so I burned some fuel, to 21 tons and made it - if I remove the empty tanks, it's at 19 tons - I'm suprised to see how close I was to the ones here!
  14. My long awaited Jool launch window appeared. Trans jool burns were completed, with 1 spaceplane for laythe 1 mining rig for either bop or pol 1 tanker for hauling the fuel 1 lander for vall? Tylo? Cant remmerber, the 0.8g one. 2x connected landers for the other hings, plus a small nuclear tug 1 orbital station plus big nuclear tug and return vehichle and one more thing, which I've forgotten what it was. Seven flights in total.
  15. Eve, though soon no more. Also dres, the mission design didnt work as I had planned.
  16. Ground effect though! I want! Ekranoplanes omnomnom!
  17. Could it be that under some circumstances the drag is reversed to provide acceleration instead? Some value goes negative or something, and suddenly the force from drag is applied in prograde direction instead?
  18. Ah, I didn't know that - cool. But an early shuttle design was planned to have jets too - should you want jets. =)
  19. Maybe I misunderstood, but the original buran did not have jets, no?
  20. Weird. I play stock, i never have this problem. I don't think you have to select the port as target, etc. so maybe there's a mod thing at work?
  21. I think its a bug or strange effect. I find that when flying, its the SPH col that matters.
  22. Does heat shields protect stuff behind them, even if radially attached, as long as the heat shield occludes them? And how far back? Would a big area be covered by multiple heatshields, i.e. a cloverleaf or similar, even if everything is not attached to the node behind them (like directly stacked)? And does fairings work well, if the heat shield is not big enough?
  23. I mean, the fairing probably did you more harm than good...
  24. If your only concern is going as high and fast as possible, then yes, the jet engines will all be less and less useful.
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