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  1. Hi All, When I installed AVP it initially worked for a while but slowly various parts of the pack weren't being loaded until I didn't have any clouds or auras. I took a look at the configs and its trying to call files that aren't there anymore (see image). I don' think its related to CKAN, I removed and then manually installed to test that and I still got the same issue seen in the image.
  2. Hi, The Log can be found here. I have also noticed that when I install RCS build aid, it seems to break the Remote tech mod. No flight computer icon. I recently came back to KSP but I know that I have had these both installed at he same time before.
  3. Hi, I am having an Issue when after I install this awesome addon, my right click part actions while in flight no longer work.
  4. I was more thinking that when you click the filter button, a small window could pop up containing the tech tree. In this window you can highlight/select what techs you have thus populating what parts are available to you. This makes it not dependent on reading a save file and for most people playing a career save you have a very good idea of what tech you have (admittedly an assumption). Edit* This could also be fun for non career players as you can restrict yourself to certain parts while trying to accomplish something difficult with said parts.
  5. I guess i wasn't as specific as i meant to be. I meant select the actual tech you have available not just the tier level, since you might not have everything in the tier.
  6. Hello all, I apologize if this is has been mentioned but a search didnt reveal anything on the forums. A possibly good idea/feature that could be added is for parts filter that sorts by selecting which research you have. This way for designing stations for Career mode while in Sandbox, you are able to plan the final station and launch segments based on tech level milestones. Allows for better expansion than just willy nilly.
  7. I dont use hyperedit, I think the issue is when the pre-launch updated what KSP runs on and then trying to go back messed up the install
  8. Hello all, I have two KSP install folders, My career save KSP and the normal KSP that is updated from Steam. I recently tried out the 1.2 pre-release and ever since whenever i try to return to past missions in my career KSP, my vehicles shaking themselves apart. Is this known with any fix? I have replaced my Regedit Squad folder to fix the which monitor the game starts due to incompatibility between the pre release and my Career KSP.
  9. Yea I just found this out by placing the part on out of curiosity. If i recall correctly, some versions of KER didnt require the part or engineer to be on vessels. I didn't realize that changed Thank you for the quick reply however. I feel like silly for not checking that
  10. I am having an issue with KER. KER works perfectly fine in the VAB and SPH however I can not access any KER feature while trying to launch or fly my vessels. I have tried the latest 1.04 version and the new dev 1.05 version. If there is anything you might want to look at I will endeavor to get it available for you. Is this issue due to KER or can it be a conflict with another mod? This started recently even tho i was using 1.04 with my modlist without issue then the bug started.
  11. I have been having an issue getting Infernal robotics textures to display after the first reload after purgiong the MagicSmokeIndustries cache folder. I have tried to purge the folder then Load KSP. I see the correct textures. I quit KSP, then restart KSP multiple times but left with black parts after that first load. ACTIVE_TEXTURE_MANAGER_CONFIG{ folder = MagicSmokeIndustries enabled = true OVERRIDES { MagicSmokeIndustries/Parts/.* { compress = true mipmaps = false scale = 1 max_size = 0 } } } The black parts can be seen here http://imgur.com/fWEOPWS Is there an issue with code or something else I should do? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi, Love the versatility of this mod but I am having an issue with the skins. as seen in the picture below or through the link, all the skins are black in the tool tips as well as when they are placed into the construction area. The first 2-3 loads of KSP the skins were normal but now they are as seen in the picture. I searched trying to see if this was posted but I didn't find anything, if it is posted I'm sorry for a double post. If you need anything in particular from me ill do my best to get it to you. http://imgur.com/fWEOPWS Edit* Apparently I looked to far back for a fix, still isn't working, posted to ATM thread to see what they say
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