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  1. Hi, sometimes the icon of the portraits toggler disappear from the app bar and so is impossible to go EVA
  2. Hi noticed that you can still click through the UI on the orbit lines and objects in map view. I don't know if is a known limitation of the UI blocker.
  3. Done! (thanks to @leonardfactory!) Impressive! Many thanks to you and all the ksp2 modding comunity.
  4. Hi, I noticed that your mod is shown in the tracking center without being useful as you can't select any vessel. Is possible to make it show only in flight and VAB? The mod window is quite big and is always covering something more useful.
  5. Really necessary mod. I can't think of playng without. Just a request. Is possible to make the mod window not click through? when I mess with nodes I always risk to click on something on the map.
  6. Ops, sorry. Ireally didn't noticed the gray areas. Thank youy for your mod.
  7. I have encountered a bug. I have fully visual scanned Kerbin (the map has no black spaces) but the counter is stuck on 92% and will not proced further. I tried disabling and renabling again the scan but nothin changes. Every other scan on minmus, mun and kerbin completed without problem. screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lozande/screenshot/2307598439220664260/
  8. The mod is great but I find a bug. The region "Sheet Ice" in Minmus is missing from the list. I noticed because is in the list on Orbital Survey. It is still missing after I do science there.
  9. I had an engine failing while burning in orbit of Eve. I will look for the logs but I switched to the vessel and started burning for the orbital insertion on Eve when the alarm sounded, prompting me of an imminent engine failure. I get that it's not supposed to happen?
  10. @ShotgunNinja, in your patches for CTT and CLS the greenhouse and gravity ring are indicated with the wrong name, in part.cfg they are respectively kerbalism-greenhouse and kerbalism-gravityring
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