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  1. I got the station/base building fever (well, and contracts) at the moment... Was testing my new Dunabase and got a nice eclipse ...... .....finally put a new station in Minmus orbit as my old one disappeared for some reason..:D ..... ....landed my new mining base on Ike´s poles... and finally, built a new station (or half of it as I´m planning to basically double the whole thing) for Jool orbit. It was a good day..:D
  2. jep, same problem here. And all the Nom-o-matics are gone..
  3. Finally completed my Eve Base incl. fuel truck to fill up the ascent vehicle. Its is parked 4 km away for the return to orbit in order to hopefully dock with the mothership...if everything works..haha..:D
  4. Thanks for the tip! How much dV are we talking about? Do you have maybe an example-craft? Its the first time that I try an Eve return so any tip for the next mission is very welcome.
  5. yeah you´re right...I could do that, but somehow it feels a bit like cheating. Got enough cheating going on with the revert-options..haha
  6. Heyho! Busy times...sorry it took so long. So here is the (most likely the ugliest thing I ever made..haha) beast: Now it sits there waiting for the base (still working on how to get it to Eve :D) for supporting my kerbals until the next window back to Kerbin opens..
  7. Hast du schon die "tausend" Tutorials auf youtube versucht? Pass nur auf das die nicht zu alt sind, da sich das Aerodynamics model teilweise radikal verändert hat. Also ab Version 1.x.x sollte passen.. Was sind denn deine genauen Probleme beim launch?
  8. WOW! Couldnt check the forums for a while! You guys are awesome! Thanks for the infos! I came up with a different design in the end which is already in Eve orbit...gonna upload some pictures once its landed. @foamyesqueI thought about that as well but as I´m playing in career mode and also have life support installed, for a manned mission, I need to plan pretty excact so my kerbals survive. If to screw around with wings I would need to do a lot of testing which is not really possible. With the vertical-launch I at least more or less know that the rocket is gonna make it because I have the delta-v readouts..
  9. Granted, but Philae got taken over by the aliens and is now manipulating satellites so every TV station on Earth is just showing "Painting with Bob Ross" 24/7. I wish Donald Trump is transforming into a cat...
  10. cheers for the answer! KER is set to Eve...atmospheric TWR is around 1,20 at sea level. Gonna try to add a bit more delta v...gonna be tricky..:)
  11. Hi everyone! I´m planing a eve mission at the moment and trying to design a ascent vehicle that brings my kerbals back into orbit. There they gonna dock with the mothership and fly back to kerbin. So thats the plan..problem is, this is the first time I try this and I´m really unsure about how much delta v I need. So I just wanted to here your opinions...you think this is gonna make it? Cheers!
  12. I had the same heat problem with my laptop. Bought a cooling pad and now everything is ok. Although a good one for 10 -20 bugs is a myth I think....well, maybe on the cooling side but you should keep in mind that these pads can get really loud! Especially when the fans are designed too small. I paid 45 EUR for mine and was definitely worth it...the first time I connected it I couldnt even tell if it was running or not cause I couldnt hear a thing. Thats the beast: http://www.zalman.com/global/product/Product_Read.php?Idx=399
  13. Any chance for an update to 1.1 soon? no pressure...ok, maybe a little..:D
  14. Ah! Thought the "mini" was also refering to the ssto..:D For my missions I needed around 1600 m/s from Kerbin to Moho, 3300 m/s capture to low orbit and around 900 m/s for landing incl. safety. Sorry for the spoiler.
  15. that should be ok. Used to have a mining station on Minmus and more or less the same contract. I converted the ore directly as well and the contract completed without any problems. Have fun at Moho! I´m building a station there at the moment...keep in mind that you need ridicolous ridiculous amounts of delta-v to get captured (around 3000 m/s, well, from kerbin)!
  16. When you´re looking at the real world and think: Maaann what a framerate!
  17. I never used the small docking ports neither untill I figuered out they have a big advantage (if you use KIS)! They fit into a backpack of a kerbal and can be attached by them. The big ones are too heavy..saved me a mission once.
  18. I wonder if you could do that with KOS...
  19. Hey there! First you need to set up an encounter with your target craft. That can be tricky but you gonna manage. Its basically the same as setting up an encounter with the mun or other planets, just a bit more difficult as it is way smaller. You should aim for a max. distance of about 0-2 km. Once arriving there you need to syncronize your orbit with the orbit of the target craft. Just change your velocity display to "target" by clicking in it. Now you see your relative speed to the target, aim retrograde and burn until it hits more or less 0. Now your orbits are basically the same and you kind of "parked" your vessel next to your target. Turn towards the target (pink indicator) and slowly approach it. You want your prograde vector be inside the target vector because then you actually moving directly towards it. You gonna notice that the closer you get that your prograde vector is starting to move. If that happens just use your RCS thruster to keep you aligned. Once close enough, select the docking port as target and do the same until you dock. Using the autopilot to keep your vessel on target is really useful as you dont need to bother about keeping your craft aligned with the target. Hope that helps! If not, there are tons of tutorials on youtube. I would recommend Scott Manley, he explains it in an older version of ksp, but the approach didnt really change.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srsiLZLPiv0
  20. Had a similiar bug...but I´m not using OSX. It usually happened when using multiple TR-38-D, staging them at once. For some reason there was always one which didnt decouple, then the focus went completely off (so he rocket kept going and "left" the screen) and then the game crashed. What helped was staging them manually. So maybe there is something wrong with the staging system? That was still in 1.04...Dont know if it changed as I tried to avoid them. Gonna try the part.cfg if the bug shows up again..:) EDIT: Ups..didnt see that it was the unmodded category. My one was modded..sorry.
  21. Delta physics are already all the way down. How do you edit a conig file? I´m not really a computer pro.. I guess I meant dodgy..:D sorry, I´m not a native speaker.
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