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  1. I was wondering if this is normal behavior: I land a wolf depot (the nr 26 pioneer logistics) module on minmus, press the 'establish depot' button, it says 'your depot has been established on minmus', and I can see a minmus-depot under the wolf button, so far so good. But then the depot itself vanishes? That puzzles me. What about the things I attached to it? Solar panels, cargo, fuel tanks, kerbals? Is it even normal to vanish? Would it not be more immersive if it stayed where it landed? Perhaps to scavenge parts etc off it?
  2. The (mostly) invisible texts in mission-list and engineer-report is not even mentioned in that thread once. This is a totally different bug. I have no problem with the parts-list at all.
  3. Windows,, 32 bit, some mods (Kis, Kas, ScanSat, TweakScale and such, also Engineer v1.1.2 https://github.com/CYBUTEK/KerbalEngineer ) At the space centre, I can see the missions all right. But when going into VAB and SPH, the text is only visible sometimes. When you hover over it, it typically is visible part of a second, then dissapears. Clicking on the icon, right clicking on the icon, or moving it slowly off, then on again, will perhaps show it again for a part of second, or, if I am lucky, it suddenly remains visible, mostly to dissapear again when I move my mouse, but sometimes the text stays visible 'normally'. It takes about ten, twenty seconds to try to get the text to remain visible. NOT funny when building a ship. AT ALL. This also happens with the engineer report. Driving me crazy.
  4. So, I try to play KSP career mode, with a handfull off mods installed. Like mechjeb, KIS, KAS, AlarmClock, tweakscale, kopernicus and some others. The game crashes often. I press F5 all the time, knowing it can crash at any time. Landing and switching scene often makes it crash. I have to load the game (wait three minutes) to the last F5, like ten times per session. It gets old. I have some crashes produces errorlogs, but I dont know if it helps to post them, since modded KSP is not supported I guess... How can I find out what mod is causing the problem? Can the mods not handle errors properly? Is there anything I can do to help hasten the process? How can the team not support modded ksp, who plays ksp without mods? The main mods SHOULD be supported (or errors handled more or less elegantly at least), I think.
  5. Ah ok. It had me puzzled. Would be nice if it showed up in the key-settings-menu, imho. Together with some other 'poorly-documented key(combo)s', like shift> for example.
  6. When setting advanced actiongroups I can choose 'undock node' or 'decouple node' for a docking port. What is the difference?
  7. In the windows version I use alt-click a lot to copy (multiple) parts. This does not work in linux?
  8. So, this drives me crazy. To recreate for example: build an octo module, attach some radial decouplers to it in some multiple symetry, then attach some solid rocket booster to them. All engines appear together in the staging. Good. Then click on one of the boosters, it selects, you place it back. Suddenly: the staging for the engines is split in two. It is now 1 + the rest, taking two precious spots on the staging area... I know you can split them (click on them so they drop down, click on the ones you dont want, then drag the greens to a new stage) But I dont know how to join them. You would say 'click them so they all go green, then drag them away to another stage, and they should join'. But: that does not work. The split remains. I have fairly long stages, perhaps say 11 different stages with engines, chutes, decouplers. The righthandside only can hold like 25 different stage events before it becomes invisible (unselectable), so I make it a point not to waste a spot. So. What I have to do, more often then I like, especially when placing struts and mis-clicking: throw away the entire part (often with nosecone, winglets, fuel duct, other stages of the spaceship), and build it.... again. And again. Very, very annoying.
  9. Or... I never tested it, but maybe: the commands in a stage are top-to-bottom? So if you say, in one stage: 'fire engine' followed by 'deploy fairing', it would not work, but the other way around.. would?
  10. -To explore the KSC, you don't have to make a rover: make a roller with a simple pod, some batteries, some science stuff, and: 2 science jr's at each end. Perhaps add an inline reaction wheel. Put in a scientist, and roll roll roll your way around KSC grabbing that science. It is a bit slow, but nothing that time acceleration cant fix. -You can change the output force of rockets. -And the amount of fuel in a tank. -Remove monopropellant you dont use: shaves off a little weight, reduce amount off ÃŽâ€v needed
  11. In-game, if you go in with a vertical drop from say 80k, your speed will be way over 350m/s at ground level: not slow enough to deploy the chutes... Pre-1.0.4 you could get away with vertical drops: it would slow you to around 250m/s at 1500m, enough to deploy chutes safely, but that is just not the case anymore: you will have to return at an angle, enough to make the air-break happen long enough to drop to 250-m/s and deploy chutes, before you hit the ground. Or fire an engine to get speeds below 250m/s, then deploy chutes. I think you can do that as high as 4000m or even a little bit higher perhaps. Not too high: there must be enough air. Don't know the exact boundary. I use the angled approach, and mostly don't have the ÃŽâ€v to spare anyway.
  12. Research 'flight control' (its in tier 4) for both the winglets with control surfaces, and the small inline reaction wheel (reaction wheels require electricity while functioning btw) You need to research 'aerodynamics' (tier 5) for the protective shell nosecone. Just play around with it, it is very selfexplanatory.
  13. Perhaps hide the top in a protective shell to reduce drag on it.
  14. Do these fins have control surfaces? Or do you have any inline reaction wheel(s)? Some pods have reaction wheels in them, but the lander can has not. (and put 4 nosecones on it to reduce drag)
  15. Action Groups Extended does everything I need. https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/455/Action%20Groups%20Extended I was confused since I only looked on curse, and it aint there for some reason.
  16. I would like to reset actiongroups in flight. I have been building modules for a base. Each one has things like rcs, batteries, solar panels. How do I (re)set actiongroups for an entire base? Or would assigning (for example) '1' to solar toggle extract/deploy in each module 'translate' to the finished base, so I can press 1 and all the solar panels will toggle? Is there a mod that can handle this?
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