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  1. Hi :-)

    don't want to discuss this openly because drug stuff.

    Yes, a lot of people smoke weed. It doesn't cause addiction, but at higher doses over longer times changes the perception of reality. I myself quit 30 years ago (am 55) and 20 years ago smoking at all. But i have made the experience that people who smoke weed at higher age do have a reality problem, not as heavy as consumers of alcohol, but still. I am sure, the guys you know would be different, more focused and concentrated, if they quit consuming.

    Oone i know who still smokes is a lower manager at Daimler in Stuttgart, and he is real crackpot. Pretending to be relaxed but runs hot and cold on small reasons. He could be two levels higher. I think the stuff and his lifestyle has, over the decades, changed his personality.

    And, if i may say so, discussing this openly could wake the moderators, because the drug is still forbidden in most countries and minors(*) are around in this forum, i think.

    Doobie free cheers from a small green Atlantic island :-)


    Edit: (*) Musk knows that of course. Showing that he smokes openly has kind of childish protest style to it, i think ...

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