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  1. Ah, good, it only took me 3 years to find this. Great ideas! I've been working on a different augmented gravity surface base concept, but keep getting distracted. Seeing yours completed is both encouraging and inspiring. I like how you did the hinges: triangles make anything more stable. The final assembly reminds me of a certain carnival ride I can't recall the name of. In my research and designs so far, I learned the human body requires a certain amount of gravity to avoid many various debilitating medical issues. Thanks to recently increased interest in bases on the Moon and Mars, I'm surprised so few people are considering how to accomplish this.
  2. Looking forward to it! Unfortunately, first I must fix CKAN. (Because I'm too lazy to install any mods without it.)
  3. I've been getting that same error for a few weeks now, but I have What am I doing wrong?
  4. That's what I did at first, but many parts were missing. I'll zap everything and retry when I return next weekend. In any case, this is one of the most fun missions! Thank you for putting in a lot of work on this.
  5. edit: it's important to Install Joolian Discovery first, then the 2001 modified parts. (Duh!) But I think something is missing? Discovery is all stretched out with giant gaps between each part. Did I miss something? That said, I'm pretty excited about this idea. Looking forward to seeing it once I can get all the vessels to load properly.
  6. Great idea! The list of tutorials was missing a free-return trajectory, but not anymore.. I hope you add some more useful and informative ones like this. I completed the mission, but the ending screen never appeared. (Maybe because I foolishly changed the vessel name.) If I may suggest some more hints for your script: the ejection angle is about 60° start with Kerbin apoapsis of about 13 MM it's easier to fine-tune your maneuver nodes by slowly scrolling the mouse wheel fine-tune the actual orbit using RCS, thrust limiter 0.5%, and/or a mid-course correction before entering Mun's SOI. Here's another hint image, with apsides highlighted: https://imgur.com/ynYxTjv
  7. Copenhagen Suborbitals put up a nice vid about how regenerative cooling works, featuring a cross-section of a failed engine. They also talk about laminar flow cooling and water hammer effect.
  8. Glad to see ya here! I bet you'll get a nice boost.
  9. It seems to have advantages in normal operation, too. Passengers could be boarded / deboarded at the terminal separately from the rest of the aircraft being fueled / inspected / repaired in an uncongested area. Also, this makes the passenger area a line replaceable unit, allowing for quick changes to different configurations of seat pitch, amenities, and cargo space without putting the whole plane out of service for days or weeks.
  10. I want to buy a used laptop from a KSP player! Most of my needs are easy, so the main thing is it can run KSP. However, my budget is a bit... um... "barn", which is why I want your used one. A two or three years old Win7 should be fine. I'll be traveling a lot, but a wide screen and keyboard are ok, and I'm even willing to work with a dead battery. I just don't want to lug around my desktop monolith. Waddya say? Anybody in the Kerbol SOI just recently upgraded? Sell me your "old" one please?
  11. Yes, I did understand. The point you misunderstood is you're not missing much. We've all heard enough griping about YouTube and copyright nonsense, so instead I tried to lighten the mood.
  12. That's ok Nightmare; I overplayed that song so many times in 1987 that I'm still tired of it today. It's better with the sound off. Jk V8, that vid was lovely!
  13. Nice work, Yorshee! I love the 'picture within a picture' thing, and the whole scene is very festive and fun.
  14. Probably a mod conflict. Try disabling some mods to see if the problem goes away. Does KAC transfer WP have anything to do with resource transfer? Try disabling that first. Another way to do this is to make a clean install and see if the problem persists. (Probably not in this case.) Then add a few mods at a time until it breaks. Sometimes everything keeps working; problem solved! Do you use CKAN? That makes it easier.
  15. I support this. While reading, I was going to suggest using a subassembly. But, as you said, this would break down after each update. As usual, the simplest solution is not the best long-term solution. I have often wished for a procedural launch tower / gantry / support dock in the stock game. After attempting to build my own, I am now even more impressed by those user-built towers with working features. But why should we all reinvent the tower, when this is a game about building spacecraft?
  16. I can see one gif. Hey, pretty cool move! It should break the legs, of course, but it's KSP.
  17. Did anyone else notice this thread was necroed from last October? But, hey, this topic is relevant to anyone who ever tried to talk to their non-gamer friends about KSP. When I first started playing KSP there was no persistence. Just "build one thing and try not to crash". So it made sense to say, "It's like a cross between Legos, Orbiter, and The Muppet Show". But, 90% of folks don't know Orbiter. (Tragic!) So I replaced that with "flight sim", which seems to work, kinda... Hmmm... I seem to recall an old thread about, "How to talk to your friends about KSP".
  18. Never realized this was missing until now. But, of course there should be a danger alarm! It might save lives (and my hair). Even if not, it's appropriate to have alarms blaring during a crash; that's how they know to start screaming.
  19. Deploy state is pretty useful, although it's not relevant to your problem. When you click the other button "deploy", the control surface will deflect all the way, so that you can let go of the key. Invert will make it deflect the other way. I use this a lot for reentry.
  20. I haven't used those mods enough to troubleshoot. (You could get better answers within the mod specific threads.) Ubiozur's Welded Parts Mod This works great with stock parts and many mod parts too. Not sure if it includes the ones you're using or not, but it's pretty handy regardless.
  21. I'm just guessing, but it's probably due to the ISS orbit period is not an exact multiple of one day. So when the launch site passes under the orbit path, ISS is in a different phase of its orbit, and they advance or delay a little to compensate. Again, I'm just guessing. Anybody know the real answer?
  22. Looks like it should work. Beautiful render! Seen this way, it looks a bit... Taidani?
  23. Just in case you haven't thought of it yet, a nice trick is to attach the gear to the fuselage, then use the offset tool to make them appear to be under the wings. That way, you get the best of both worlds: stability of the wider stance, and durability of the tougher attachment.
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