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  1. YOU WIN! I'll make the special badge ASAP.
  2. When will Squad implement multiplayer? (aprox. in years) I know we have DMP, but the server only works in LAN, and it is very VERY buggy. PLZ. Multiplayer in KSP would take the game from the level it is to something greater. (I'm being too dramatic) I'm not asking for an MMO, but something like Minecraft's multiplayer, with WAAY simpler server setup.
  3. Naw bro. @U MAD BRO? yes U MAD BRO? I ASKED YOU A QUESTION! (Sorry 'bout caps, too lazy to change them now.)
  4. The astronaut complex. On my once-in-a-while rampage, I destroy all buildings, and the AC has the most kerbals inside.
  6. He is working on a new model, but the FireTransform is always pointing to the ground, so he didn't release it, and he is very selfish, so he will not change it to a CC licence. Sorry.
  7. Even the slightest idea that KSP would be transformed into a crappy, physiscsless game is a terrible nightmare. Even though I hate complicated games, I would much rather have that than what you mentioned. KSP is a game for learning orbital mechanics, physics, and how to blow s**t up. But 2.0 can be the implementation of Multiplayer. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.
  8. Can't you just do it in San Francisco? You know, because of the whole Silicon valley thing. And because I live near it.
  9. The absolute most efficient way is to launch when the mun is ~15 degrees away from the KSC, and burn straight up until you get an encounter. Minor maneuvers will be necessary.
  10. Originally it was just KSP Bros, because I was sharing an account. When I discovered it was against the rules, I kept this as KSP Bro AE, and my partner, @KSP Bros KS, created his own account. We are partners because I accidentally purchased KSP twice, (Squad, if you don't believe me, you can check the account for the e-mail I registered with) and had to give the second one to someone. So, I gave it to my best friend. I couldn't figure out how to actually give it to him, so we share an account on the KSP website. (not Steam.) So, it counts as two people, since it was purchased twice. I would gladly have him make a different account if I could figure out how to send a copy of KSP to him. But our names' meanings: KSP Bro AE: Atlysian Empire @KSP Bros KS: Kerbal Separatists (these initials are actually his initials backward) We did these names because we are gonna do a war.
  11. Great try. BD increases load range, so it is possible.
  12. I didn't finish the description of the challenge check back to see how orbital and Mun will be done.
  13. Space Fighter Superiority Championship 1 Are you an engineer? You like Fighting? Is space your thing? If yes, do this challenge. All fighters will be tested in air, in high Kerbin orbit, and on the Mun. There will be separate rankings for each category. This will be a 1v1 fight only. BD Autopilot will be used to steer the craft. Rules: BD Armory must be installed. Each craft must have a weapons manager and an AI pilot. The craft must have at least 500m/s of delta-v when in orbit. Must be able to dock with 1.25m docking ports. Must have at least 1/6TWR. NO TURRETS. Period. Mods allowed: BD Armory is mandatory. KAS/KIS InfernalRobotics Star Wars mod (by @KSP Bros KS) Points: A round won +100pt A round lost +25pt Parts lost (does not include missiles) -10pt/part Weapon -5pt/weapon SSTO capability +100pt Atmospheric champion +500pt Orbital champion +500pt Mun champion +500pt Overall champion +1000pt Atmospheric Championship: Just a standard 1v1 dogfight in atmosphere. All contestants will be tested here. Every spacecraft must be space capable. Orbital Championship: The two contestants will start 100m from each other, with their engines off, and RCS on. First to destroy the other's AI or Weapons Manager wins. All contestants will be tested here. Mun championship: Engines and RCS active, engines only at 25% thrust limit, unless the craft is only able to lift off from the Mun. All contestants will be tested here. Final championship: The two craft will be on the almost same orbit going in opposite directions. Physics load range will be set to 22km. Once in range, contestants can fire away. It will be a 2v2 fight. Two of one kind, going in the same direction, and the other two finalists against them. Only 2 people will get the badge above, the final winner will get a special one.
  14. can completers get the badge? exactly!
  15. Then use vessel mover. there must be a way to do it.
  16. Mods are magic. Plus, ever heard of part wielding?
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