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  1. Off to the last unharvested biome on Ceti Landed at the Pole. Bob gets science done. The crew de-orbited the lander to get impact science before leaving for Gael We have explosions on reentry. Always a good omen. And nothing like good chutes all around.
  2. The D/V calculator in the VAB can be set to different altitudes. Click on the button that says Altitude and below that there will be a slider. You can move it to adjust the altitude. So if you always stage at certain altitude you can set the slider to that height (say 15 KM) to see the effects on DV at that moment on the current stage.
  3. I took a trip to Iota for a landing at the Droops On our way to Iota. Bobert gets the science We send the lander into the surface for a seismic experiment before leaving Home at last Good chutes
  4. I sent a probe off to Thalia It did not end well. I got too close and went boom.
  5. I sent the "take #2 Tellumo Orbital Mission" off Everything worked this time so no need for the LES We practice recovering data and restoring experiments A quite time on orbit at Tellumo We say good by and go home Explosion's! Complaints about G forces. (I did Peak at 8+) And happy landings were had
  6. I launched a Tellumo flyby mission. An anomaly occurred in the core stage and the LES was activated. "We will try again tomorrow"
  7. I sent off a Probe/Relay to Gauss. Booster separation Trans Gauss burn Fly by of Catullus and Tarsiss.
  8. As RevanX_LSR said it is GPP. I have it resized to x2.5 scale. If you have not heard of it yet, see also JNSQ by the same folks. A different take on the stock system.
  9. Moved the Jennah lander into low orbit for landing. I just missed a hill on the way down Landing number 1. Gathered some science and pictures and then few off 2 KM to a different biome. Landed a second time. And gathered more science.
  10. I blew things up but later I launched a second mission to Otto. On our way to Otto after the transfer burn. Capture at Otto. Orbital games ensued with Augustus to shape the orbit for maneuver to capture at Jennah. Start of the capture burn at Jennah And doing an orbital scan before landing.
  11. My trip to see Otto's Moons continues. We used so much delta vee for capture, we had to rule out landings much less any orbital surveys of the moons. We did get flyby's of Augustus, Jannah, and Hephaestus.
  12. I sent off a high risk mission to Otto's moons. Featuring a nuclear power plant(from a mod) on the lander/imaging sat instead of solar power. If I can, I'll try a landing on one of the airless moon's. Fairing Sep and 2 second stage start. And trans-Otto burn. (to be continued.... )
  13. I can't play a game without it. But I manually drive. to my knowledge Scan Sat does not have an auto pilot.
  14. More rover stuff. This one to Gratian. Arrival and prep for entry. Prep for landing We salute the sky-crane's sacrifice. Go on a road trip. And investigate stuff
  15. I sent off a rover to Tellumo. Fairing Deploy. And after arrival at Tellumo and a few orbits a landing was committed to. Entry Heat shield separation after chute deployment. And we're are up and running with a long list of objectives to complete. (15 minutes later) Some one call a tow truck.
  16. After the stranding of the first crew to land on Niven, Rovers were deemed more appropriate for exploring Niven. Off goes the first rover. On the way. Ready for EDL Entry The Sky Crane flys off And rocks were discovered and analyzed
  17. I sent a rescue lander to Niven. Well I sent many of them. "This one landed intact!" OK Science and Picture time. Take off! Collecting the science from the lander. Leaving Niven Arriving at Gael And a happy re-entry with explosion's to celebrate coming home.
  18. "Landing is perhaps a loaded and pejorative word to use in this instance. Let's just say we arrived at Nevin's surface." Actual transcript from mission.
  19. A Lander was sent off to Nevin to pre-position it for an crew. Trans Nevin burn. In orbit waiting for a tanker and crew.
  20. I tested some new hardware out. Liftoff Booster sep and LES jettison And in space.
  21. We used an upgraded vehicle and booster to go to Ceti. Jeb and Val approve of the launch. On the Highlands of Ceti. And a fiery return home.
  22. A surface probe was sent to Gratian. Arrival at Gratian And on Gratian getting the science. And finally put the orbiter in a higher orbit to act as a relay
  23. A trip to Otho started off badly. The second try went better. At Otho.in relay orbit mode.
  24. The Kraken comes for us all at some point.
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