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  1. what would be the best software to make the submission? I have done no 3d modelling at all and any tips would be appreciated! p.s. It's ironic that I asked for another cockpit but don't have the skill to do it myself lmao
  2. hey @jrodriguez how does the heat seeking guidance work? how does the guidance determine whether something is hot or not?
  3. If you get super into it you can usually make them in like a day.
  4. isn't that the training variant of the eurofighter?
  5. I'm currently making an xfa-27 in KSP and i'm using the su-57 cockpit from this mod at the moment but it's just too short and the canopy sits too low.
  6. The xfa-27 from ace combat 2 or ace combat 3d cross rumble: a more side-on look: that figure picture is actually the ace combat infinity model which has the gun in the nose. every other version has the gun in the port side of the fuselage.
  7. hey @Kernowden Kerbin , would you consider making an xfa-27 cockpit?
  8. i'm trying to make a siwng-wing fighter but the wings are a bit too floppy. I know that strutting the wings to other parts of the planes prevents the servos from working. is there anything else i could do to fix the wing floppiness?
  9. I'm only experienced them in 1.7.1 too, it's a real bummer because I'm trying to make BDarmory custom missiles and I used the procedural parts for some of my better aircraft. though it seems to affect the missiles more bc they're made entirely of procedural parts.
  10. I'm just waiting for nuke mods to come back so I can stress-test my laptop. If only NKD made a comeback.
  11. Has anyone else also had the bug where you have a procedural part attached to a root part, save the craft, reload the craft and find a gap between the root part and the procedural part? I've experienced this problem along with the bug discussed above.
  12. @jrodriguez I'm having an issue with the hydra rocket pod. when i attach it to a craft and spawn the craft normally the game crashes, same thing happens when spawned via vesselmover. I had the same problem in the last version of BDaC. any other reports of a similar issue?
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