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  1. Oh. Thanks. Yeah, I understand how changing this thread's purpose could really confuse some people. In retrospect, that probably wasn't the smartest decision to make. I'll probably close this (after 1.2.9 comes out) and create a new, less confusing thread. GK
  2. Really? If you read the KSP weekleys and the thread below, you could easily see that all this information has been reatated multiple times and confirmed in the pre-release announcement thread. I try to keep this speculation free. GK
  3. Why? You just saying that does nothing to help me make this better whatsoever. I'm just trying to document the features that were announced in the weekley's and put it together so people can know what's coming in the next update. If there's somthing in particular that makes you dislike this thread, please let me know. I want to improve this thead so that everyone can enjoy it. You just saying "This is by far the worst 'confirmed features' thread ever" doesn't really help me. GK
  4. Exciting announcement! KSP devs have just announced KSP Making History, which is a paid DLC for the main game. It adds many new exciting features to the game, as well as a whole new dimension to gameplay. Below is a summary of the features included - Historical missions - Many US and Soviet inspired parts - Customizble missions - And more! I updated the OP, so check there for the full list! GK
  5. I am unsure of you're asking for. What is delta? What is the setting you want? Do you have any mods installed? Those tend to make your game laggy. What computer do you have? There's a lot of things you need to specify here, as of right now no one is sure what you have requested here.
  6. Thanks, @JPLRepo. I was looking at weeklys past and was trying to gather information from them, so any clarifcation you give me is greatly appreciated. GK
  7. Probably not too big. Unless you download a localization pack. I hear spanish is the largest. GK
  8. @Arugela I understand that. But that thread I mentioned above has the same purpose, and these two threads would be merged otherwise. I didn't want these two threads to be redundant. It's also nice to have a list of upcoming features, as the wiki's is not up to date and there is not another one on the forums. GK
  9. I ask that any future speculation on 1.3 and beyond is posted in this thread: These two threads pretty much do the same thing. Rather than have them merged, I would like this thread to only be about features, while the thread above should be open for all sorts of feature discussion. Still feel free to discuss confirmed features here! Thank you guys! GK
  10. @StupidAndy read the OP if you're confused. The experimentals come tomorrow, so if you're one of the lucky ones, you might be able to test it then. If not, you can grab the prerelease when it comes out Soontm.
  11. Ok, due to new announcements about the features in 1.3, I am going to update this thread to 1.3: Confirmed Features. Read the OP (opening post) for a more in-depth explanation. Basic Summary: Localization Bug fixes Intergration of mods and more! Thanks to everyone that posted on this thread! You're the best! Thanks for 100 rep!
  12. I know this isn't on the top of any developer's list, but I REALLY want the faring texture to be changed. The current stock model is really ugly and it really annoys me. A solid white would be nice, or prehaps you could even change the colors at will. What do you think?
  13. Yay! The Camwise Logs are back! Question: What actually happened to Bartdon? Or is that yet to be revealed?
  14. With KSP physics, keeping the stage will cost you no more than if you detached them. The only time it would matter is when you're burning to make orbit. That extra mass makes your spacecraft less efficent.
  15. Huh. Can't say I've seen (or heard) anything like this before. I'd probably let the more experienced forumers answer this one,
  16. I need a list of all Kerbal words. I am confused. Looking forward to the story's conclusion!
  17. Thanks to @Merandix for the in depth breakdown! (Oh, and thanks to everyone else too!) I have a few things I'll be adding to the OP: Career overhall & Science overhall (I lump these into one group because one would mean the other) Part upgrades Visual overhall (Rocket parts overhall)
  18. It exists. In my latest career game, I am building the infrastructure for a massive shipyard arounds Dres using Extraplanetary Launchpads. I can imagine Becoming the economic center of the Kerbol system, with giant starships rivaling the size of Gilly itself in orbit around it (or would Dres be orbiting it?). I have quite a bit of Dres coming up, considering I havn't even been there yet...
  19. I don't have windows, but I hear for all systems Alt+[modifier key]+F12 works. For my operating system (mac), that would be Alt+Fn+F12.
  20. I tend to avoid mods that add too many moving parts (like Extraplanetary Launchpads, you need to convert metal ore to metal in giant smelters, then turn it into rocket parts, then have a bajillion storage containers and other parts. Too much stuff for me). I also avoid physics-altering mods and laggy enhancement mod. I'm pretty much open to anything else.
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