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  2. Owl mk2? quite tiny. not much fuel by the looks of it. any drop tanks? also, I don't see any RTGs on it, surprisingly! and no reaction wheels! are they clipped inside?
  3. Can't wait! And yes, mayweather was born on a J class freighter, top speed of warp 2 I think. T'pol, you mentioned earlier, was the science officer. Now you need bernam kerman, because of star trek discovery!
  4. Well, all of these things have been done separately! perhaps omit the "twin" part. And perhaps an Ssto is also too hard., but hey! azimech has proved us wrong before!
  5. AWESOME!!!!!!! Now we need a twin turboprop airplane with real control surfaces, an ejector seat, this panel, and then make it an ssto! (Perhaps a little ambitious...)
  6. All right, just imagine the intake on the back is the exhaust port for both the engines!
  7. The problem is that the craft having two engines, they are both inside the fuselage, making it unrealistic. Don't mean to be rude or anything.
  8. Complicated, but it just might work. but it would require cheats, and be really big... but Jeb would approve, I imagine!
  9. You could put a probe at the north pole, and set it as a target, hopefully that would work. then the compass would be set to 'point at target', the navball could work in a similar fasion.
  10. Awesome! what kinds of instruments? a navball, of course, an airspeed thingy? how would you do that? Some kind of altimeter, maybe it has a big pole that drags on the ground? I... have no idea what's possible!
  11. wait.... Do those avionics, especially the navball.... actually work? \/ there.. it looks aligned to the ground!
  12. How do you get 2 junos to go at 670 m/s? one could hardly push it to 200, right? Is this Magic Hackery?
  13. Holy mother of kraken! And here I am struggling to make a propeller with stock parts!
  14. I'm Baaaaaaack! And finally got a computer! And soon to get KSP! And an idea! I designed what is basically a small reaction wheel, an Oscar-b and a juno, of course with intake, an antenna, etc. good for cheap laythe exploration, or training.
  15. Hmmmm..... If you mounted it sideways then maybye it could be used for helicopters?
  16. A FCA and a fuel tank is much heavier than an RTG.
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