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Found 11 results

  1. If theyre plant based, do they eat other plants? are the animals plants too? what IS a kerbal? Split from the guess who will reply next thread Old thread:
  2. Hello everyone, I was flying my knockoff F-14 Tomcat Replica and this happened https://imgur.com/a/lVLIMLL Yeah, don't ask, something went very wrong here. Please help. Nothing worked, not Esc, not F3, nothing Thanks
  3. What is a potatoroid I had it in KSP 1.4.3 but I have no idea how I unlocked it. Does anyone else have the potatoroid? all of the forms about it are dead, and all the unlock methods dont seem to work. (I have KSP 1.5.1 now)
  4. Sorry if I posted in the wrong section, but it said Gameplay Questions and Tutorials, and this is a question and I need to be guided so this actually the right section and I can't be wrong because I don't know why am I writing so much in here. Soo, I was and am visiting planets with HyperEdit, but apparently, I can get there without cheats! So I played the tutorial to see how it works. But it was too complicated for a dumb person like me, so I am stuck with HyperEdit. What I've heard is, you just need to edit it and when you enter the maneuver increase throttle or what is it called. But no, or I am just an idiot or it doesn't work. I am using 0.25, so my guess is I can't play fairly because no one plays 0.25, am I right? But how are y'all doing it in 1.3 or what version are y'all using... I've played the tutorial, if I am correct... 29 times. But I STILL DON'T GET IT. That's it. Yeah. Thanks. Right? What am I doing here Sorry for meh bad english. yee
  5. So i am working on an engine pack. And i configured an engine and i tried to add RealPlume to it. It didn't work! I tried everithing!!!! And i couldn't put costum sounds on it but the engine works just fine! Please help!
  6. Well, basically this is the question. After complete the tech tree, you still play in the save or you just stop? And why?
  7. In the last times i was seeing the easter eggs in the game, and i noticied some things that can be improved in this area, in my personal opinion 1-The easter eggs on Kerbin: There some easter eggs that have to be replaced (like the monolit in a mountain near KSC that is in the underground in the default terrain configurations), and the Island Airfield could be buyed and make part of KSC, and could be evolved with much money, an turned into a second runway, where you can launch planes. 2-The easter eggs in Mun: The Mun arch could be bigger in my opinion, and the Neil Armstrong memorial could be redone, smaller and with a good detalied Lunar Module. 3-The Mohole: The Mohole could be bigger, less tapering and less bugged (in the @Matt Lowne Mohole base video a report inside the Mohole sayed that the ship was in the south pole of Moho, and the Mohole is in the north pole. 4-Easter eggs in Duna: The face on Duna could have a own biome, with own reports. I even imagined a EVA report in the face: "You see a kerbal face in the rock, and you start to think if the trip don't let your brain crazy." The Curiosity camera could be in the ground, and could even be replaced with a complete real-scale Curiosity. 5-The dead Kraken in Bop: The dead Kraken could be bigger, with the 2 eyes in his face, lying, and not dead, but just sleepening 6-Easter eggs in general: The easter eggs could be in every planet and moon, and could exists a purpose to visit they, like a contract to explore the easter eggs when they are only a anomally in the Kerbnet, or a reward for discovering they, like when you discover the Island Airfield. 7-Easter eggs that could be in the game again: All of the easter eggs that was removed, like the SSTV Signal Piramid in Duna, or the Carl Sagan face. And for you, what can be improved in the easter eggs?
  8. So... yeah. Obviously, it's absolutely unflyable and completely useless. But this is KSP, so who cares ? It's actually an attempted replica-ish of a spacship in a musical webseries (WARNING: contains ponies. WARNING N°2: lyrics are in french (there are english subs tho)) Made with Airplane Plus and TweakScale. 404 parts. Edit: It flies now.
  9. Ok I have been playing Kerbal a LOOOOONG time, and I have just today run into something that makes me feel like a noob. I just started loading the 1.2 career with it's mods. Dropped 6-7 mods on there and suddenly I got the rainbow cat. Now I understand that there is somemeaning to this or was... but as I have never gotten it before, my lazy space faring ass never looked into what was the meaning... Now I have it... and I can't seem to find a single true answer... and some of what I saw scares me a bit.... SOOOO does anyone has the single true answer to what this evil feline means? Alacrity
  10. when i shoot the projectiles hit the ground bounce up and never touch the surface again ive seen in multiple vids where they do fall back down ._. what IM TRYING TO STAB A FLAG POLE IN A CUBE LIKE NEXTER DID
  11. So back a few weeks ago I put a mining station on an E-Class Asteroid around Dres. Now I returned and wanted to refuel, but nothing happened. The drill animations are there (including the dust clouds), and they "work", but the ore tank isn't filling up and the ISRU says it is missing ore. The asteroid itself is also not losing any of its resources (90t left apparently). What is actually going on over here?! I thought this may be something that is caused by 1.1.3, but after trying it out in 1.1.2 it still showed the same behavior. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Edit: I have tried mining a new asteroid on a completely fresh savegame (same install, same mods). That worked without a hitch.
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