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Found 16 results

  1. So... KSP lore. This has been discussed in the occasional forum now and then, so I figured we needed some kind of megathread to discuss our view on KSP lore. *If something like this already exists, please delete this thread. Who are the Kerbals, anyway? Why is Kerbin so barren? Why do they want to go to space so badly? And what do the Monoliths and Easter Eggs mean? And then maybe some less important lore, like: What do Kerbals eat? How do they survive in a tiny cramped capsule on long voyages? What is Jeb's personality? What about lore about your space program? Who runs it? How do they treat Kerbals? Why do they explore? I'll go first. If it's a long explanation, please put it in a spoiler tab like I am. What do you think?
  2. Hey guys! I've had an idea for a story for a while now. I'd like to share my prologue with you, hopefully more will come soon! Journey to the Center of the Thing (JCT) Prologue: “Looks to me like you broke the front off the mark two again, but tried to hide it by sanding down the front.” “No, your professional opinion, Val! And for the record, it wasn’t an accident!” “Sure, Bill. Look, doesn’t the mark two have a pointy bit because it’s better for supersonic flight?” “Yeah, yeah, it does. I was part of the research team for that. But mark two was designed for supersonic flights on Kerbin- it has seen use in interplanetary SSTOs and the like, but that wasn’t its original intent. This baby was designed for space.” “Why did you build this thing again?” ---one year earlier--- ---location: Dres ---coordinates: (1° 57′ 18″ N 64° 8′ 33″ E) ---operation salty ---mining base arcturo II “What the heck is that?” “Dunno Jeb, but it looks like something big. Should we take the rover?” The orbital scans had been acting up for months. Ever since they arrived, the polar observation satellites had been reporting anomalies everywhere. Everywhere on the stark, tan-and-grey surface of the dwarf planet Dres. And mission control back on Kerbin wanted them to find out what was going on. “We’ll get MC to weigh in. You’ve tried debugging the sats?” Jeb stated. “I’ve tried debugging the sats.” Bob replied. “You’ve tried a hard reboot.” “I’ve tried a hard reboot.” “What we have yet to try is go where they’re telling us to.” “There are too many locations- we can’t ever hope to visit them all, not within the expected lifetime of Arcturo, anyway.” “Maybe something’s interfering with the signal? Maybe they’re getting a false reading from something?” “Like what, something at the cen-” Bob cut off. “What?” Jeb asked. “I need to see the lab. Now.” Bob’s voice was chock-full of urgency. “What? What did I say?” Bob didn’t respond. “You know I outrank you, right?” Jeb shouted. Bob’s reply was distant: “Not that you care!” “Fair point.” Jeb sighed to himself. I am editing this on Google Docs because it's just easier, so updates might be infrequent.
  3. People who have played, "Outer Wilds," will know what I am referring to. That game, similar to KSP, doesn't do a lot of hand-holding, so players are encouraged to explore the universe for exploration's sake - which I love! Outer Wilds enhances this by placing "clues" hidden on each planet which the player can discover and log in a dashboard/tab so that they can try to piece together the secrets of its universe. I'm not saying that KSP 2 needs to develop an intricate weaving storyline for players to discover, but since they've already announced that they'll be hiding anomalies throughout the game, I thought it would be cool for there to be a place where players can review everything that they've discovered and try to piece together what it all means. Some legacy KSP players have admitted that they never felt compelled to leave Kerbin's SOI, so adding something like this would allow for story/narrative driven players to feel like it's more than a physics playground.
  4. Challenge: Find and Screenshot Easter Eggs in KSP Rules: No mods, Spacecraft need to be Stock, No kerbnet, No cheats Difficulty: Easy=Screenshot Minimal 2 Easter Egg Medium=Screenshot Minimal 5 Easter Egg Hard=Screenshot all Easter Eggs in KSP Good luck if anyone wanna do this challenge!
  5. what are some easter eggs you might want in ksp2? Here are some that i might be interested in tributes to the original game terrain locations seen in the trailer some returns, though not to many
  6. RealSolarSystem Easter Eggs hunting! In my rp-1 career, as I was doing some unmanned Moonar landing mission, I saw, once orbiting the moon, that an anomaly was in my orbit trajectory, so I decided to precise land there, and I found this: A Neil Amstrong memorial!!! It excited me to found all others ones present in Real Solar System. So just started a new sandbox game to give it a try, and challenge my self. First I'll deal with Earth of course. Here's what the map says: I will start with the one which is North-East of Cape Canaveral Let's HUNT!
  7. For me honestly the first Kerbal Space Program Easter Egg I found was the Monolith near the KSC (smaller and floating in 0.18.3). Here's an image of it: What was your first Easter Egg you found and what was the date?
  8. This is a thread where we discuss and talk about... you guessed it-Easter Eggs! First and Foremost, the Orange Circle on Bop. I have not gone there myself, but I've seen pics of it. What do you think? My guess is that the corpse of the Elder Kraken is interfering with Bop, due to being buried in the rock of Bop.
  9. I finally got my latest video done from my biggest mission so far where I visited all KSP easter eggs with my friend on local ksp server (KSP dark multiplayer). So if anyone is interested you can check it out and tell me what to improve or your opinion. OR I made also longer version of it just in case you want to see me and my friend how do we made our small KSC with all hardware and some timelapses. https://youtu.be/QASo0D_Spl8 My home KSC
  10. In the last times i was seeing the easter eggs in the game, and i noticied some things that can be improved in this area, in my personal opinion 1-The easter eggs on Kerbin: There some easter eggs that have to be replaced (like the monolit in a mountain near KSC that is in the underground in the default terrain configurations), and the Island Airfield could be buyed and make part of KSC, and could be evolved with much money, an turned into a second runway, where you can launch planes. 2-The easter eggs in Mun: The Mun arch could be bigger in my opinion, and the Neil Armstrong memorial could be redone, smaller and with a good detalied Lunar Module. 3-The Mohole: The Mohole could be bigger, less tapering and less bugged (in the @Matt Lowne Mohole base video a report inside the Mohole sayed that the ship was in the south pole of Moho, and the Mohole is in the north pole. 4-Easter eggs in Duna: The face on Duna could have a own biome, with own reports. I even imagined a EVA report in the face: "You see a kerbal face in the rock, and you start to think if the trip don't let your brain crazy." The Curiosity camera could be in the ground, and could even be replaced with a complete real-scale Curiosity. 5-The dead Kraken in Bop: The dead Kraken could be bigger, with the 2 eyes in his face, lying, and not dead, but just sleepening 6-Easter eggs in general: The easter eggs could be in every planet and moon, and could exists a purpose to visit they, like a contract to explore the easter eggs when they are only a anomally in the Kerbnet, or a reward for discovering they, like when you discover the Island Airfield. 7-Easter eggs that could be in the game again: All of the easter eggs that was removed, like the SSTV Signal Piramid in Duna, or the Carl Sagan face. And for you, what can be improved in the easter eggs?
  11. This was brought once before some years back, but I thought I would revisit it. I thought I could grab the Kraken's eye and bring it back to Kerbin, only to discover that Easter eggs are not movable. They seem to be part of the terrain. I think it would be cool if there were a special class of Easter eggs that one could move around and collect. Maybe something in the lines of a vessel that does not show up on any maps or the control center. Sort of like souvenirs or trophies you can put in your very own Kerbal museum.
  12. So, I had dabbled in SCANsat prior to 1.2, but now that Kerbnet is here I'm quite content with the stock solution. I'm presently living happily with Kerbin and Mun each having a triplet of relay satellites. Having over a dozen probes other spacecraft with probe cores, sometimes anomalies show up... And sometimes they don't. It seems as though one given probe sees a handful of them, another probe might see the same ones or different ones. I found one on the Mun and landed near it - the lander probe core never saw it no matter how close it was, but the surveyor that marked it with a waypoint spotted it from the SOI change on. I'm wondering if this is limited to a vessel or a core. I.e. if I have 30 probe cores on one craft, am I more likely to find more anomalies, or would 30 separate probes do the trick? Does anything reset them so it's prudent to check again later? Do different cores have better odds? Do the old ore survey scanners come into play? Why isn't there a KSPedia page that gets me pointed in the right direction with definitive answers? Despite the rant, I'm mostly just curious. I'm excited to start finding some of the easter eggs I've never seen for myself, but I just wonder what it'll take to be sure I've got them all. Prior to 1.2 I've only ever spotted the closest few to KSC and one Mun arch. Today I've found the Armstrong Memorial with the help of my probes - yay!
  13. I'm very confused on a 'discovery' i found somewhere in a desert. It's a pyramid i found, but i'm confused if i discovered it, or i'm unaware that it has already been discovered. The image is here. The part that confuses me is that I have BD Armory, Kerbal Konstructs and Kerbinside. When I check the map I see no symbol on the location that I am on. Is this an undiscovered easter egg or something? If anyone wants the coordinates, they're 10° 49' 0" N, 127° 24' 16".
  14. Are they available in the game files anywhere? Could we use the model for a part by referring to it in the .cfg like we can with other part models?
  15. Would just like to thank squad for their excellent work ☺ can't wait to play the full release of ksp. However I would like to ask if squad have any plans to upgrade the graphics on planet surfaces like duna etc and add more unique geographical futures to explore?simmiler to what they have done with mun and kerbin.i understand they were restricted by the old unity engine and 32 bit before. Again love your work ☺
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