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  1. ....Now I want to play RCT.  Thanks for that.

  2. Last night I destroyed my phone by running it in the washing machine.... again.

    I should not be allowed to have a cell phone.

    1. XB-70A


      What about an intelligent system? Alarming users when a foreign object is left in it. It would save phones, money, and a bunch of wallets...

    2. Geonovast


      I think the best bet would be to get one of those washers that you can control with your phone, and then disable local control... so I have to use my phone to start it.

      You know, spend like $3k because I broke a $100 phone. (Maybe... It's still sitting in front of a fan... which probably won't do much since cell phone manufacturers have decided the preventing us from opening then thing up is good for us.)

  3. My dad incorrectly answered one of those "omg look at me I'm a genius because I know basic math" things on FB, and now we're having a teaching argument about it.  Apparently, after 62 years on this planet he's never heard of the order of operations.

    He's countering with something about multiplying 1 apple by 2 apples and getting 8 apples.

    I have no idea.

    I can't complain in the complain thread, so I'll do it here now.  Apologies to my followers.

  4. What, did you need MORE green on your profile?

    Congrats buddy!

    1. adsii1970


      Thank you! To be honest, I am honored and appreciate your kind words...

  5. Congrats on your moderationness!

  6. Hello World!

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    2. adsii1970


      No, WordPress isn't that hard to use. Just they have a "Hello World!" sample blog entry that pops up as soon as you activate the platform. So when I saw your message, I couldn't help the slight chuckle...


    3. Geonovast


      lol, wasn't implying it was.  Just Apache's default start page is basically a slim instruction page.

      I'm not even sure what Wordpress is.  Just assuming it was a web server.  Is it specifically for blogging?

      "Hello World" is the first message pretty much any programming tutorial will have you print first.

    4. adsii1970


      Yes, it is a blogging platform. Probably one of the most used in the world. It is literally everywhere and is fairly flexible. There are even "plug-ins" which will allow you to turn a blog into an e-commerce site.

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