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  1. A whole section about the Kraken, to even suggest defeating it... All bull. The game was not ready, period.
  2. "We killed the Kraken." That alone. No. Goodwill gone.
  3. I'm sorry, but light lag brings complexity and raise the skill bar. 100% fun zone. From a balance perspective, I hope light lag plays counter to life support. I'm thinking LS will be part of vanilla KSP2 to some extent, considering its scope, but if light lag isn't a thing I'm definitely waiting for a mod to bring it in.
  4. Cannot be functionally recreated in KSP2, as things would need to happen WAY outside of render-distance. You could approximate the result with a sort of quick 'put X payload into orbit now' function, if certain conditions were met, but that sort of system would be the same, bar details, for any exotic ground-to-orbit delivery.
  5. Hitting the gameplay wall again. I will take a break, and either bite my nails or maybe try RO/RP1 or whatnot next. Took sum purdy pitcher at the end, though.
  6. Completed a Moho surface scan contract (again went for reusability lifter, again fudged he landing), and proceeded to eject the Kerbol Express out of Kerbin's SOI, toward Sarnus.
  7. I don't normally care about reusability all that much but while building a xenon-powered craft to shuttle a few extra kerbals to the newly finished Kerbol Express, I thought ehhhhh, why not. It uses a two boosters to help it reach orbit, but the main body is easily recoverable. Kinda fumbled the landing but I only lost a few peripheral parts.
  8. The support thread (99% sure that's a thing) would be the best place to ask.
  9. Taking some time off the rover stuff to do some Minmus surface-to-orbit shuttlin' to fuel up the next interplanetary super-ship. Built a crane ship with modular payload and while it was fine, I thought I could do better. Didn't want to just supersize the system and instead did something different. New craft technically takes off and land vertically, but scoots around on its belly.
  10. The operating word here being relatively. Sure, for the exploration. Boldly go, etc. etc. But Eve is a deathworld, and not the HFY kind.
  11. Had a few missions working concurrently. As a matter of bad/good timing, really. The "Jool Relay Moneyshot" mission, which was just a big relay with 8 extra mini relays. Vall, Laythe and Tylo got two mini relays each, and Pol and Bop both got one, while the biggerest relay went in a very high, very eccentric orbit. At the same time, the first Jool Explorer arrived and had to be put in a parking orbit. An atmo probe was dropped into Jool when I had a bit of a lull with the relay stuff. While all of this was happening, I was also fulfilling some scansat contracts for Eve, Duna, Ike, and Dres. Not a lot of screenshots were taken, really. Next up will be finishing putting the relay in the correct parking orbits around each bodies, and then set out to do science with the JEx (there's also a laythe atmo probe to drop).
  12. Still surveying Kerbin with hovercrafts. Upgraded to the Mk.III now.
  13. Some relaxing progress with the hovercrafts. Since it really doesn't like going uphill (and some anomalies are hidden in the mountains), I decided to upgrade it with two RK-7 Kodiak engine clusters for those rare moments I just need to send it. Haven't taken many pictures of the locations I found, though.
  14. Designing a new hovercraft and testing it out. While I normally prefer electric motors for various reasons (the nonexistent or small amount of fuel needed to help with fuel cells being the foremost), I decided to try something new. I almost never use the goliath, so I thought why not? A few tweaks here and there, another crew cabin, reworking the placement of some stuff... What's important is that this one has the capacity for self-refueling. With a top speed over water of around 230m/s (about 830kph), this bby can quickly go wherever it may. I already unlocked two new launch sites, and I'm not gonna go around seeing all the other anomalies around Kerbin.
  15. More quote-unquote rover stuff on kerbin, getting some science from the south pole, and also unlocking a launch site. Thinking about designing a new hovercar. A BEEG hovercar.
  16. Turns out I miscalculated the dV req. for my Ulrum mission (which required I do a flyby of all the moons). The Ulrum Explorer ship came with two drop tanks and they were spent with the Kerbin escape burn (and then some from the main tank), and that when I realized my mistake. New mission: Get new LH2 tanks to the UEx to get more-than-enough dV for the whole mission. The two launches went without a hitch and the encounters/merges with the UEx went well in both instances. That done, the UEx kept on going on its merry 20+ years voyage with 9 passengers, one of which was a tourist. At the same time, my Duna rover+relay arrived. Rover went down without a hitch and relay did its orbital things. I also sent two huge relay sats toward Urlum (since the UEx doesn't have the comm capabilities to call home by itself). No picture of them, though.
  17. Life support, underwater stuff. P.S. Sometime you forget which threads you've already posted in.
  18. Trying out some smaller mods I haven't touched in years. Plus a contract-related mission to Urlum. Hovercars are fun. Hovercars don't like hills all that much too.
  19. THIS is the bit that matters the most to me. KSP is the only game I have multiple installs of because it is the only game I need multiple installs of. If there is an integrated mod manager, in which you can tag on and off certain mods, and make selectable modlists, I could live with that.
  20. Started playing some KSP again to relax. Not pushing a comprehensive modlist anymore, just what I consider Vanilla+ at this point plus a tourism contract I had long ago put on the backburner. The Casino took a while to be completed. A few choice images from the last week and a half will do.
  21. Alright, here are the steps I took after a few other things didn't pan out. Any number (or combination) of these might do the trick for you. Or not. My game is thick-bone-modded, so YMMV. 1. From the KSC, I recovered the (hotel) investor I wasn't gonna use. 2. Walked the Casino investor to all the prescribed locations at 12x phys warp. 3. For some reasons, as soon as the contract was completed, the investor was yeeted by the kraken and disappeared in a puff of smoke. I have an inkling that whatever did this is related to the stuck-camera bug. 4. Quit to main menu directly. 5. Opened the game, loaded the save up. 6. Accepted the Build a Casino contract. Quit again. 7. Reopened the game, loaded the save once more. And now everything seems fine. I declined the second coming of the investor tour contract at this point too. Kind of a shame how getting this mod to not crap the bed has more to do with wizardry than anything else.
  22. Investor tour contract borked the hella out the heck of a save. About 12 hours old in all, but still. Will try to work around the problem, keeping better backups along the way. I do like the mod but that was not a pleasant surprise.
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