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  1. So, a while ago, I made a nice logo for one of my imaginary aerospace companies, Schmeissen Industries, which I put on a custom mousepad. A few weeks later, I decided to jump back into KSP, and, what the heck, might as well use a custom logo, too. So, I followed the tutorial on the KSP wiki, made my flag fit into the parameters, then inserted it into the appropriate file location. I launched the game, and, lo and behold, when I went to start my new career save for 1.12, the flag was there! I was rather pleased with how it had turned out. One problem, though - when I went into the VAB to make my first craft, the big flag on the wall was blank. As was my command capsule's flag. I noticed that the flag selector was also a blank white, so I clicked on it. Turns out, the game automatically de-selected my chosen flag. I was a bit miffed, but when I clicked on the custom flag, it appeared, just fine, on the big wall flag and the capsule. Then, I launched the craft. Flag showed up on the capsule there, too. I launched fine, got one or two contracts done, then proceeded on. BUT, when I entered the VAB, the same thing had happened again. Both flags were blank. I had to re-select my custom flag every time I exited and re-entered the VAB. Why is this happening?
  2. For YEARS now, all the developmental versions of craft have been endlessly clogging up my SPH and VAB, with no real way to organize them. I could have installed mods, sure, but I was wary of them because the last time I tried to install BD Armory, then got bored and deleted the BD Armory folder, I had to mess around with KSP's files to actually get it to work again. All in all, I feel this is my favorite part of the entire update! At last I can clog up my SPH and VAB with folders, instead of craft!
  3. Hey! So, I got my station core into orbit, and then my Comms / Science module up there - only problem is, I have to stick them together. In space. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2507377161 There's an image of my problem. I've circularized my orbits, and the closest I get to the station is there. I quick-saved here so I can try any maneuver I want. The separation is 12.4km, relative speed 32.7m/s. I feel really stuck...
  4. I tried using robotics to make prop planes but for some reason either the engines never started or they didn't generate enough thrust.
  5. That's so true..... Although, you must remember the 'Snacks' drawer that seems to be mandatory in all Kerbonaut capsules. I'm sure that's amply stocked by Jeb in the pre-flight preparations.
  6. Come to think of it, though, it would be funny if they were made of foam and kind of squished against the ground when they fell.
  7. What if there was a space ship which flew to Alpha Centauri and you were kept in peak physical form etc. to live as long as possible... And then saw Alpha Centauri minutes before you died of old age. As in, it would be perfectly timed.
  8. I got inspired to start running a fully reusable space program... Problem is, I can't really do it without either mods or SSTO's. Here's the thing: I got an aerodynamic or lifting body spaceplane that works great at everything but getting to orbit and back. The only thing I can do is stick it onto a booster. But then I have to throw away the booster. And I don't want to. So... do you know of any good mods that will automatically guide a booster down to land on parachutes? Or can I already do that stock with the KAL-1000 controller?
  9. How long does it take to select a group of the top forum posts? Do you read through every one on the forum posted this month?
  10. Well, if it isn’t something everyone would want, how about a little checkbox in the menu before you view the tutorials? This would mean that people who want their Kerbalish taken pure can leave it unchecked, and those who fancy a voiced tutorial can check it.
  11. So... I heard there was going to be tutorials in KSP 2! Saw some pictures of them, and I thought the cartoony style reminded me of one specific YouTuber explaining guy. I think that the voice actor who does Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell should voice the tutorials. If anyone has ever watched one of those videos, then you will know what I mean.
  12. I take it you're a meticulous sorter? Also thanks for all the mod suggestions! I was mostly wanting it to be in the base game because me and mods have never really gotten along.
  13. If you're like me and don't (or can't, if you're playing in career mode) build craft perfectly and anticipate every single error, flaw and lack of function, then you will probably have a rather large library of craft. Now, if you're still like me and don't care to scroll through a billion craft files in search of the one you want, then you might like this proposal. A folder system! Basically, you can 'Create Folder' and then right click on a craft and select a folder to put it into. You can right click on a folder to rename it to whatever you wish. You can enter a folder by double-clicking on it. Up to 2 sub-folders can be created, to preserve sanity. In the main list you can see how many craft are in the folder. If you hold down Ctrl while clicking on craft, you can select multiple and then right click to move them all. I feel this would make it a lot easier to find a craft than just counting down the alphabet to your 'Zion Mark VIII SSTO'. What are your thoughts?
  14. How does it sound: When you're in a helicopter, trying to touch down on the top of the VAB, a kerbal comes out of a side door, comes up the ladder and stands on the landing pad guiding you in with those little orange batons. Inspired by a Steam Trading Card depicting a kerbal ground crew.
  15. I’ve noticed a lack of destructiveness in many of the KSC buildings. It would, I think, be a monumental achievement were someone to do that.
  16. Has been slightly annoying... Maybe they don’t want to spoil anything before the full release.
  17. OK, thanks so much! Does put a bit of a wrench in my plans, though
  18. One thing I've always loved to do with Kerbal Space Program is plan my craft. It's dang fun, and even if all my wacky designs never actually pop off the drawing board, it's nice to be able to brainstorm. The way that I was able to do that was memorize the KSP Parts catalog and just draw simplified versions of the parts, which worked splendidly. But for that I needed the KSP Wiki to show me what the parts' properties were. I was wondering if a KSP 2 Wiki is going to come out soon so I can start designing bases and all the cool stuff they showed in the cinematic trailer! Thanks, - QvestionAnswerNeeded
  19. So, when I was loading up KSP today, I noticed one of the loading screen pictures was taken by a player! I have a few that might be considered worthy of the loading screen, so, does anybody know if that's a possibility, and, if so, where to send them to?
  20. I saw the KSP 2 announcement and I thought, "Colonies? That's so cool!" Then I read into it a bit more and discovered, you need to launch components to actually construct these habitats. Now, my interplanetary skills are a bit rusty, so I thought it might be a good idea to practice with the original KSP. Then it occurred to me that the developers might alter the mechanics and control schemes, to make the original techniques much more difficult. Can anybody tell me if these changes might occur, and that I might need to re-learn the controls and methods? It would be much appreciated.
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