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  1. Sry mixed privet and not listet up^^. Have fixed it. if the old link is not working:
  2. Hey got a terrain issue on Iota. Was driving with my craft over the surface to pick some Kerbals up. At the last hill half of the craft went under the surface, but didnt explode. I drove into the spot for the video and my Craft stuck under the terrain, unable to get any kind of friction. After the Video i wiggled a bit with the roboic parts and it exploded . Video showing it: https://youtu.be/jkmyYso9h-Q
  3. The mod is awesome, its perfect in combination with KOS and the suicide burn scripts i wrote. But there are 1,5 Problems. The first one is that Orbits randomly change, sometimes after a Maneuver Node, sometimes other crafts Orbit( like my Space Station, RIP Bob ) . I saw that from other users as well. I haven't realized a pattern, when the orbits are changing, but its unluckly often :/. Sometimes the Vessel im controlling is falling to the ground while warping, although im in orbit. Wasn't quite sure if this is PRE or just KSP Time Warping. But when i couldn't find my Space Station and a Satellite, which were both in LEO, and that reminded me of the Post i mentioned before. The Post i mentioned: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/6rthqk/what_is_going_on_here/ The half problem is heavy flickering and slight shaking in Orbit. Its not Gamebreaking, but still a little bit disturbing while performing Burns.
  4. Hello, i'm playing a hardly modded save, where is have the mod "(almost) real solar system" installed. It changes the Kerbin system into the real solar system, but scaled down(2.5 times the kerbal system) and using the kerbal planets. The problem is, that the contracts for placing satellites are way to hard. It tells me to place one into a polar orbit with ~120.000.000m Ap/Pe. The easiest contracts are equatorial orbits with min. 400.000 Ap/Pe. There is no point for me to build small launchers or Leo focused rockets because there is no contract for them. Is there a way to change a file of the satellite contracts or something else to make it a bit more realistic.y I mean, there are like 80% missions to leo in real life and ksp doesnt even know what that is xD.
  5. This mod looks amaizing. Does it assist VTOL control, or do i have to manage the balance of the engie myself and the mod will "only" crontroll the thrust of all engines? (aside from the fact, that jet engines aren't working very good)
  6. Hello, i had once installed a mod, which changed the planets in its orbits and moons, to get a stock version of the real Solar System. For example: Kerbin just had one Moon, the stock Mün, but the inclination and the distance were changed, to match the real worlds moon. I saw that there is a mod called SSRSS, but it uses the textures of RSS, while the mod im searching for used stock textures. Another thing i can remember, is that the KSC was moved, so that it wasn't alligned with the equator any more. Does someone know this mod, and if yes: is it updated for 1.4.4?
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